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Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists and Visionaries Changed the World (2004, Raincoast Books, Canada; Rodale Press, US, UK, New Zealand, Australia): The founding of Greenpeace, from the late-1960s to the formation of Greenpeace International in 1979, including intimate personal stories, sea voyages, triumphs and failures, internal clashes, and the influence of Quakers, Buddhism, Gandhi, the civil rights movement, political street theatre, media theory, and other cultural inspiration.

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Recycled paper: Greenpeace is published worldwide on post-consumer, recycled paper. Special thanks goes to Allan MacDougall and Michelle Benjamin at Raincoast Books for their extraordinary vision, to Rodale Press, New Leaf Paper, and to Nicole Rycroft and others at Markets Initiative, an alliance of Greenpeace, Friends of Clayoquot Sound, and the Sierra Club of Canada. For more information about this innovation in publishing, see Markets Initiative

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The Story of Harmony (Justonic Tuning, 1995): The roots and meaning of harmony, pure harmonics, the technologies that gave us tempered harmonics, and the modern solutions to this fascinating, ancient problem. The book surveys music theory and technology through the ages, from bone flutes to software synthesizers, and where we can go from here. By Rex Weyler and Bill Gannon. The two authors co-developed the Justonic tuning software.

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Song of the Whale (Doubleday, 1986): The discoveries of whale researcher Dr. Paul Spong and a history of the Greenpeace campaign to stop international whaling, with photographs by the author. A Science Book Club selection. Used copies can be found online:

Abe Books
Visit Dr. Paul Spong’s OrcaLab

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To Save a Whale, photographs (Chronicle Books, 1978; Heinemann, UK, 1978; Kubler Verlag, Germany, Rettet die Wale, 1979). Photographs of the Greenpeace voyages to confront Soviet whalers from 1975-77, by Rex Weyler; text by Robert Hunter, and an introduction by Dr. Paul Spong. The book is out of print and hard to find, but there are used copies available online.

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Chop Wood, Carry Water: a Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life (Tarcher, 1984; tape version, 1987; Le Jour, French edition, 1990): A human potential best-seller and classic, co-authored by Weyler with Rick Fields, Peggy Taylor, and Rick Ingrasci, all writers for New Age Journal in the 1980s. The book is still in print and selling well two decades after publication.

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Blood of the Land (Everest House, 1982; Random House, Vintage paperback, 1983; New Society Publishers, 1992): A history of indigenous American cultures and their 500-year clash with European industrial culture, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1982. An updated edition, published by New Society in 1992. The occupation of the Western Hemisphere by European nations was the most expansive geographic invasion and cultural extermination – racial cleansing – of all time. This is the story, all the broken treaties, the modern era of uranium mining, murders, rapes by government officials, and the imprisonment of native leaders like Leonard Peltier, who remains in jail. “A shocking story, and very well told,” wrote the Kirkus Review when the book first appeared.

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Excerpt, "State of Siege"
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For a detailed examination of the Peltier case and Ana Mae Aquash murder, see In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen (Viking Press, 1983).

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Steveston Recollected with Daphne Marlatt and Robert Minden (University of British Columbia, Provincial Archives, 1975), photographs and oral history of Japanese fishing community of Steveston in the Fraser River Delta of British Columbia. Inspiring story of a community devastated when Japanese families were sent to Canadian internment camps during WWII, and their subsequent return. Interviews by Marlatt and Maya Koizumi. Robert Minden and I took the photographs. The book is out of print, but can be seen at the BC government archives, at the Vancouver Public Library, and at the University of British Columbia Special Collections Library.

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I Took a Walk Today, with David Totheroh, journals and photographs from Yosemite Valley, 1969. My first book, a recollection of turning to pacifism during the Vietnam War. Photographer Totheroh and I spent two winter weeks in Yosemite Valley emulating our photography and ecology mentor, Ansel Adams. We published the book ourselves, financed by Totheroh’s family.

The author had the honour to contribute to Beyond Hypnosis by Dr. Lee Pulos (Omega Press, San Francisco, 1990); poetry to Shorelines (Kingfisher Publishing, 1995), photographs to Witness, Twenty-five Years on the Environmental Front Line (Andre Deutsch, London, 1996) and photographs and text to the thirty-year photography retrospective compiled by Greenpeace Germany: Greenpeace: The Photographic Record, edited by Conny Boettger and Fouad Hamdan (Tecklenborg Verlag, Rasch & Rohring, 2001). I contribute essays and photographs to journals and periodicals.

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