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Early reviews for The Jesus Sayings


"Rex Weyler liberates the historical Jesus. He speaks truth to power in this solid and exciting re-telling of the diversity, missing elements, politics and mythology that lie behind the origins of Christianity. There is integrity and trustworthiness in this book and in this author, whose history of activism helped launch the global Greenpeace movement. Read this book."

Matthew Fox: author of One River, Many Wells (Tarcher, 2004) and Original Blessing (2000).


"a thoroughly engaging account of the search for the authentic voice of the Galilean … well researched and captivating … an important contribution to our understanding of early Christianity."

Barrie Wilson, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto; author of How Jesus Became a Christian.


"Rex Weyler is a master journalist and storyteller, who brings us face to face with the Jesus who walked the earth, changed western civilization, and remains relevant to modern readers."

John Izzo: author of The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die (Barret-Koehler, 2008) and Second Innocence (Barret-Koehler, 2004).


"Weyler takes his readers on a historical tour of the ancient sources, describing how the earliest accounts of the life and message of Jesus grew over time and in response to changing circumstances. Weyler has done his research and is a good storyteller."

The Gazette, Montreal, Lorenzo DiTommaso


"Feature Book .. sheds astonishing light on the authentic words and deeds of Jesus. "

IntentBlog, Mallika Chopra


"This book scores high points in readability, relevance and insight. Weyler shows us that Jesus still has the power to inspire, and that it is up to us to make sure this inspiration draws out the best in humanity, and not the worst.

Pacific Rim Review of Books, Steve D. Black,


"Weyler extracts a core message … by a ‘radical, Aramaic-speaking, Jewish Jesus.’ This Jesus defines the kingdom of God as within. Righteousness resides in generosity. "

The Globe & Mail, Martin Levin


"A well-told quest to reclaim an "authentic" Jesus … The Jesus Sayings is a well-organized, compelling overview of the scholarly search for the flesh-and-blood "historical" Jesus … The critically acclaimed author writes with warmth, insight and integrity."

The Vancouver Sun, Douglas Todd


"Weyler’s Jesus fits comfortably with the historical figure now envisaged by almost all scholars … Jesus emerges as a revolutionary sage, a man for the ages whose ‘words and deeds are sublime’ …"

Macleans, Brian Bethune


"Rex Weyler, with his knack for experientially apt images and telling ironies – while probing to the heart of the matter – approaches this controversial subject with an open, objective, and thoughtful mind. He offers a book that entertains, enlightens, and can inspire seekers from all spiritual traditions."

Branches of Light, Banyen Books, Vancouver


"Acclaimed author and social historian Rex Weyler joins the search for the historical Jesus, the itinerant teacher whose simple message of social action, sharing, and compassion was transformed into a messianic doctrine by early Church fathers. Weyler presents the core sayings and teachings of Jesus, and demonstrates why they need more than ever to be known, and lived, two millennia after his death."

Cheryl Lemmens, scholarly indexing and editing


"Weyler has painstakingly separated the historical from the mythical. … an authentic portrait … clear refrains that represent the genuine Jesus … a system radically grounded in right behavior plain and simple."

Ottawa Writers Festival, Donald R. Officer



The Toronto Star

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