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10 Best Attack On Titan Filler Episodes To Rewatch

The Beast Titan and Gabi and Falco

There are very few moments in Attack on Titan that could be considered superfluous or unnecessary to the story. Hajime Isayama’s dark fantasy masterpiece bucks traditional manga tropes by including very little repetitive content and avoiding the use of synopsis to reiterate what has happened so far.

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Despite its tight and crisp narrative style, there are still a number of filler episodes that divide up the more crucial installments in the story. While not as important or impactful as some of the other episodes, these are still loved and remembered well by fans and are worth rewatching.

10 A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 1 (Season 1, Episode 3)

Eren Failing At Using His Harness

Fans who yearn for a simpler time would do well to go all the way back to the beginning, back to when Eren and his friends were new recruits of the 104th Cadet Corps. At this point, Eren has yet to realize his Titan powers and is still a wide-eyed, naive idealist.

This episode introduces fans to people who become important characters in the story such as Reiner Braun and Jean Kirschtein. It also includes one of the best gags in the series when drill instructor Keith Sadies punishes Sasha Braus for stealing a potato by making her run around the camp until sunset and miss eating dinner.

9 The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6 (Season 1, Episode 22)

Eren cries after a scouting mission in Attack on Titan

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission is the primary arc of the last half of Season 1 and comes to a close with Part 6. In this episode, Mikasa and Levi work together to distract the Female Titan and rescue Eren. The surviving members of the Scouts then beat a hasty retreat back to town, but not before they are forced to dispose of the bodies of their fallen comrades in order to escape the pursuing Titans.

The Scouts are berated by the townspeople, demonstrating how humanity can easily turn on its own. The failure of the Scouts is a bitter pill to swallow but helps to set up the eventual showdown between Eren and the Female Titan in Stohess.

8 Beast Titan (Season 2, Episode 1)

The Beast Titan looks down in Attack on Titan

The first episode of Season 2 contains many bombshell revelations that set up important events later in the series. In this episode, Hange Zoë and her team discover a Titan inside the walls, while the 104th Cadets under Miche Zacharius are sent out to warn nearby villages that Titans have been sighted inside the walls.

Miche, the strongest member of the Scouts aside from Levi, faces off against the mysterious Beast Titan, and before he dies he learns that the Titan is intelligent and can speak. There are so many important details sprinkled throughout this episode, and it’s a pleasure to watch the characters grapple with this wealth of new information and surprising new threats.

7 The Hunters (Season 2, Episode 8)

Mikasa and Armin Think Of How To Save Eren

The battle between Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt ends with the Colossal Titan falling on top of Eren, allowing Reiner to extract Eren from his Titan form and take him hostage. In this episode, fans get to witness the aftermath of this battle and watch as the Scouts struggle with the knowledge of their defeat and the fact that Eren has been taken captive.

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Mikasa and Armin, in particular, are most affected by the encounter and lament their inability to protect Eren. What makes this episode worth rewatching is that it allows fans to experience the tension that the Scouts feel while also laying the groundwork for the climactic battle in the season finale.

6 Smoke Signal (Season 3, Episode 1)

Levi Hiding At the Cabin

The first episode of Season 3 begins with Eren and friends hiding out in a remote cabin while Hange performs experiments on Eren to test his abilities. In this episode, the primary events of Season 3 begin to take shape, as fans learn that Erwin has been arrested and the Scouts disbanded.

Aside from some hilarious scenes of the cadets cleaning the cabin under the stern direction of Levi, the episode is remembered for its cliffhanger ending, wherein Levi is ambushed by the Anti-Personnel Control Squad and its leader, Kenny Ackermann. Kenny is loved by fans of the series, and his brief introduction at the end of the episode is a classic scene that never fails to give viewers goosebumps.

5 Old Story (Season 3, Episode 3)

Historia Before She Became Krista

Attack on Titan does not use flashbacks as often as other anime, but when it does, the flashback always reveals important or interesting details. In this episode, fans learn about Historia’s upbringing through a flashback, and how she was forced to adopt the identity of Krista Lenz.

Additionally, Erwin explains that his own father was killed for revealing the truth about why humanity lives inside the walls on Paradis Island and that he intends to stage a coup d’etat and have the military seize control of the government. This episode reveals so many details about beloved characters that it is worth a rewatch to revisit those.

4 That Day (Season 3, Episode 20)

Grisha And the Owl

Another important flashback episode occurs near the end of Season 3 after the Battle of Shiganshina. In this episode, Eren has a dream where he experiences the life of his father, Grisha Jaeger. He learns about how his father grew up in the Liberio Internment Zone and his work for the Eldian Restoration movement. Eren witnesses as his father and mother, Dina Fritz, are captured after being turned in by their own son, Zeke, Eren’s half-brother.

While Dina is turned into the Titan that will eventually eat Eren’s own mother, Grisha is spared at the last second by the operative known as the Owl. So many questions that long went unanswered are revealed in this episode, that it’s an important source of information for fans who wish to revisit important plot points.

3 The Attack Titan (Season 3, Episode 21)

Grisha Jaeger and Dina Fritz

Following up on the flashback episode where Eren learned about his father’s past, Eren goes on to learn about his father’s activities after being saved by the Owl. In this episode, it’s revealed that the Owl tasked Grisha with recovering the power of the Founding Titan and gave Grisha the power of the Attack Titan to assist him in his mission.

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Eren learns about the secrets of the Titan powers, and how his father ultimately passed on the Titan powers to him. This episode reveals so many important secrets of the Titans that fans are sure to want to rewatch it again to make sure they didn’t miss anything during their first viewing.

2 Children Of The Forest (Season 4, Episode 13)

Gabi and Falco at Nicolos restaurant

Revenge is a common theme in Attack on Titan, and it was especially prominent throughout Season 4. In this episode, Gabi and Falco attend Nicolo’s restaurant with the members of the Braus family, while the remaining scouts from the 104th Cadets also arrive at the restaurant to question Nicolo. Upon learning that Gabi killed Sasha, Nicolo attempts to kill her, but Falco intervenes.

Nicolo asks Mr. Braus if he would like to have his revenge on Gabi, but he declines, and the scouts step in and prevent further bloodshed. The Jaegerists then storm the restaurant and take everyone hostage before Eren arrives and asks to have a private conversation with his friends. Nicolo’s desire for revenge is juxtaposed with Gabi’s and Eren’s, and this juxtaposition makes for a great rewatching experience.

1 Sole Salvation (Season 4, Episode 15)

Zeke Jaeger as a kid

The second to last episode of the first part of Season 4 is a flashback episode, but it is worth a rewatch due to how much great information is revealed during it. In this episode, Zeke reminisces about his life growing up as a Warrior Candidate in the Liberio Interment Zone. It’s revealed how he befriended the former Beast Titan, Tom Kvaser, and how he came up with the idea to “save” his fellow Edlidans by sterilizing them with the power of the Founding Titan.

This episode offers a window into Zeke’s psyche and represents a turning point in the series as fans learn how Eren allies himself to Zeke’s plan. Finally, it also features a cliffhanger ending that is sure to leave fans clutching the edge of their seats.

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