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10 Best Disney Games For Kids, Ranked

A collage of Aladdin in the Sega Genesis game Olaf from the cover of Olafs Quest and Ariel from Disney Princess Enchanted Journey

While Disney has an appeal to people of all ages, there is no denying that children are the primary focus for the movies that the company creates. That is why Disney creates plenty of merchandise for them, and there are also tons of video games as well, giving kids the chance to play as their favorite characters.

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There are some Disney video games that are pushed for adults, mainly because they’re a little harder to play. However, there are tons of games that will appeal to kids, giving them an opportunity to jump into the movies or simply be their favorite characters in new journeys.

10 Frozen: Olaf’s Quest (2013)

Disney -Frozen Olaf's Quest video game

Disney’s Frozen franchise is one of the most popular that the company has ever created, which is why it made sense for a video game to be created. This was created for the Nintendo DS and 3DS and is focused primarily on Olaf, with this being an adventure all about him.

Josh Gad provides the voice for the character in the game as well, with this platforming game having plenty of comedy, especially physically. Players are able to use Olaf’s ability to change shapes to get through different obstacles, which makes for a fun experience.

9 Disney’s Aladdin (1993)

Aladdin in his Sega video game

While the graphics are vastly different in Disney’s Aladdin video game, the experience is still a lot of fun. This is another popular Disney movie and one that will test gamers in an exciting manner. This is a platformer that takes its players through the beats of the movie.

Gamers get to control Aladdin himself, and while there’s plenty of enemies to battle, there are also collectible moments as well. With Genie coins to be found and apples to be picked up, there’s no shortage of ways to keep people entertained with this one.

8 Tangled: The Video Game (2010)

Rapunzel in Tangled: The Video Game

This video game is another one that blends puzzles and the usual platforming elements together to create an exciting adventure based on another popular movie. The game pushes multiplayer content as people can play as both Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at the same time, bringing the popular couple together in the game.

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There are things to be collected and achievements to be unlocked, while the game really does push a sense of freedom to its players, wh are able to go back and forth to Rapunzel’s tower as the game progresses.

7 Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey (2012)

Ariel appearing in Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

Speaking of the Disney Princesses, for those that love those characters, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey is a game that would prove to be a hit. It allows players to interact with different Disney Princesses throughout the game, with a magic wand being used to solve a variety of obstacles.

The story isn’t overly complex, which makes it accessible for players of all ages. But it’s the fact that gamers are able to meet so many different Princesses in one game that really makes this a strong option for children, as there are countless characters that they can enjoy seeing in this manner.

6 LEGO The Incredibles (2018)

The Incredibles characters in LEGO Increidbles

The LEGO franchise has produced some amazing video games over the years, and they’re always perfect for kids to play. LEGO itself is something that children love to play as, so putting that into a video game format, using a popular franchise that people already love makes it a recipe for success.

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This video game focuses on both movies, allowing gamers to play as their different superheroes as they battle through the stories that take place. The LEGO idea of collecting and building things along the way is perfect for children as well, giving them lots to explore throughout the game.

5 Toy Story Mania! (2009)

Toy Story Mania! video game footage

There have been plenty of video games based around the Toy Story franchise over the years, and Toy Story Mania! is one of the most exciting that works perfectly for children. This is actually based on a ride at Hollywood Studios in Florida and is one that gives players the chance to play with different characters from the franchise.

Rather than having a strict gameplay storyline to follow like a lot of games, this one is just about simple fun. It is a series of carnival games that players are able to jump in and out of, being able to compete against each other and have a lot of fun with.

4 The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge (2003)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Video Game - different versions of Jack from the game

The Nightmare Before Christmas is unlike any other Disney movie, being much darker in its tone with the stop motion aspect helping it to stand out. However, it has always proven to be a hit, and that’s what makes this game an interesting one for many people to try.

The game actually works as a sequel to the movie, where Oogie Boogie is able to return and seek out revenge on what happened during the original. He attempts to kidnap Santa, which sets up a rescue mission as Jack Skelington then has to try and put a stop to everything.

3 The Princess And The Frog (2009)

Playing jazz music in The Princess And The Frog video game Cropped

This video game is a fantastic one for a full family to play, as it allows 1-4 players to jump in and get involved in the story. It tells the same plot as the movie, with Tiana trying to achieve her goal of owning her own restaurant, but this isn’t a classic platformer where people run through the whole movie.

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Instead, the game focuses on lots of mini-games that are themed around the movie. From cooking meals to playing jazz music, gamers must achieve as many points as possible in order to help Tiana get to the point where she needs to be. Because of that, it is perfect for children to play, as it’s repeatable and easy to jump in and out of.

2 The Lion King Video Game (1994)

Simba running in Disney's Lion King video game

Out of all the Disney video games, this one is arguably the most testing. The Liong King video game isn’t an easy one to complete, with this platforming game having a lot of challenging moments. However, with the popular characters and exciting world, it is one that gamers can develop their skills with.

The game plays through the movie, which is one of the best-animated stories of all time, and that is something that children can enjoy. While it might be an older game with the graphics not being as fresh as some modern options, but it is still a lot of fun, as the actual gameplay holds up just as well.

1 Tigger’s Honey Hunt (2000)

Tigger running around in Tigger's Honey Hunt video game

The Winnie The Pooh franchise is one of the most charming and enjoyable and is one that is very much targeted at children. That’s why this particular game is a perfect one for younger fans to check out and play, with Tigger being a vibrant and exciting character, who is perfect for gamers to play as.

The game isn’t just all about Tigger though as it cleverly brings in one different character from the franchise on each level. Tigger is out to find honey to help Winnie The Pooh set up his party, and it is up to the gamer to chase down and locate different items for a fun and exciting adventure.

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