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10 Best Toga Cosplays That Look Just Like The Character

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Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia is one of the main antagonists from the League of Villains. Here are some of the best cosplayers she’s inspired.

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia is one of the main antagonists from the League of Villains. Toga has assisted on missions like the Forest Training Camp arc to capture Class 1-A students. When she is sent on missions like this her personality shines through. She loves to meet new people, but unfortunately, she comes on a bit strong, and, instead of making friends, she wants to take on their identities. Toga’s personality is one of the appealing aspects of her character because she is somehow peppy and lovable, while also being a bit dark and twisted. It leaves a lot of room for cosplayers to explore the character.

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Cosplayers also take on the identities of people they find amazing, but they don’t have to drink the blood of the characters they want to embody as Toga does. Cosplayers are absolutely crushing Toga cosplays through their talented prop builds and costumes.

10 Nurse Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga provides so many opportunities for cosplayer interpretation. Bepa debuted her Nurse Toga cosplay for Halloween in October of 2020. This version of Toga came complete with yellow contacts and a prop syringe.

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When she debuted classic Toga in August 2019, she didn’t have the contacts yet and still really captured Toga’s perky personality and a big smile. Cosplayers constantly challenge themselves to embody the character they’re playing and Bepa does this well when she’s in any form of Toga.

9 Let’s Be Friends

Pom is growing in followers and cosplay characters. In a fitting homage to Toga’s character and her needle props, Pom shared their cosplay after they got their vaccine!

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Their Himiko Toga cosplay first debuted in celebration of My Hero Academia’s Season 4 airing in 2019. They also shared that the gas mask from her Vanguard costume was made by Shawna at Banshee Studios on Etsy.

8 A Lost Cause

A popular creator and cosplayer, Rae is no stranger to cosplaying Himiko Toga. Her first time in Toga is in 2018 from a photoshoot with @rudyphototaker on Instagram.

Her most recent shared photo of Toga hints at a concept she’s working on. She made the scarf and teeth and painted/finished the canisters and knives. Her talent and screen accuracy is spot on.

7 Just A Selfie

21-year-old Brazilian streamer and cosplayer, Sara Iwazawa, cosplays Toga’s regular school uniform and cardigan outfit.

Her most recent Toga caption says “I think this is kinda scary,” she really brings the essence of Toga and her bloodthirsty nature to life.

6 Hand-Crafted

Nay is a 22-year-old Twitch streamer, makeup artist, and cosplayer. She most recently wore her Himiko Toga cosplay to Collective Con in Florida.

She hand-crafted this Toga cosplay that not only got her through tough times but helped her realize her newfound skill level when it came to working with tools to create cosplay props.

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5 Life Is Too Hard

Oli’s anime cosplays are best viewed on their Instagram, but their TikTok is where fans of both Toga and Oli can see how they interpret the characters they cosplay and bring out the personalities of characters like Toga.

Oli recently upgraded their Toga cosplay to be more 3D and with brighter-colored props. Toga’s knives, syringes, canisters, and even her scarf are all essential to being efficient on the battlefield and to use her quirk for longer.

4 Soul-Reaping Yellow

Sanet, a cosplayer from the Pacific Northwest, cosplays countless anime characters and donned her Himiko Toga cosplay to kick off the New Year in 2020.

Sanet gets their contacts from TTDeye and they gave the yellow pair they’re wearing an 8/10 for color and style and a 10/10 for comfort. Toga’s eyes are one of her most intense features and Sanet takes this cosplay to a new level.

3 Himiko Quinn

Kyo, a German cosplayer, has a large following on Tik Tok and even features Himiko Toga’s name under her handle to indicate that fans can always find Toga content on her page. Much like Harley Quinn constantly battling wanting to be the villain and wanting to turn over a new leaf to help her friends, Himiko Toga loves her friends too but also knows how to be a villain better than a hero, Kyo did a great Harley/Himiko crossover.

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Like most cosplayers, Kyo doesn’t just have one cosplay. She explores other MHA characters, Sakura Haruno from Naruto, and Mary Saotome from Kakegurui.

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2 A World That’s Easier To Live In

Mali-Chan’s Himiko Toga cosplay features her first experiences with a cosplay wig!

She is a Youtuber who loves games and anime. Her most recent cosplay is Coraline but her Toga cosplay takes the cake with how she styles the blue and white top for Toga’s aesthetic along with her Toga wig.

1 Props By Sydnee

Twitch streamer and cosplayer, Sydnee, has a more compact scarf and canister style to her Toga cosplay and makes all her props herself. Styling wigs is one of the most challenging aspects of cosplay but Sydnee styled this Toga wig herself.

Sydnee also has transformed Toga’s normal outfit into a pink skirt, accessories, and makeup to share the range of Toga’s personality.

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