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10 Emma Stone Movies To Prepare Fans For Her Villainous Role

Emma Stone at Cruella de Vil in Cruella and Olive in Easy A

The newest live-action Disney adaptation Cruella has a villainous take, and fans can’t stop buzzing about one of the most iconic Disney ‘bad guys’ hitting the big screen in their own flick. If diving into Cruella de Vil’s history wasn’t exciting enough, there isn’t a better actress up for the task than Academy Award winner, Emma Stone.

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This actress has wowed in comedies, dramas, and more, but her jumping into the role of a villain could be some of her best work yet. To get even more prepared and excited for Cruella, there are some Emma Stone movies that should definitely be reviewed first.

10 Superbad (2007) – Available On Netflix

Superbad's Emma Stone as Jules, in the science lab wearing an apron

This slapstick comedy isn’t exactly bursting with villains, but Superbad was Emma Stone’s first real breakout role – and it’s truly an iconic ’00s gem. Plus, she stars alongside Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Two slightly-dorky high school students try to make it big with a big party, but all plans to do so go south.

Emma Stone is Jules, the crush of Seth’s (Hill) character and the headstrong, smart, and fiery classmate. Playing Jules ensured everyone that she had the strength and sarcastic wit to dominant on a big screen – just like she will as a villain. It’s no wonder Jonah Hill was scared to talk to her.

9 Zombieland (2009) – Available On Netflix

Zombieland's Wichita standing in a doorway and holding a gun

The horror-comedy Zombieland is undoubtedly the coolest and most action-packed role Emma Stone has stepped up for, and it’s also become one of her most iconic. This zombie comedy is hysterical, and Ruben Fleischer directs an entertaining experience from start to finish.

With Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, and Stone among the main cast, this group of survivors works together to slay zombies and stay alive. Wichita is independent, sassy, and a great shot, and watching her outdo Eisenberg’s Columbus is very memorable. Plus, there’s also a sequel.

8 Easy A (2010) – Available On Amazon Video

Easy A's Olive walking down a hall at school with a black corset reading 'A'

Easy A is a perfect segue for the new Disney flick because it’s definitely one of the more rebellious roles Stone has played, and her character Olive is willing to take the road less travelled.

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High schooler Olive decides to let the rumors be true and wears an ‘A’ to show she’s sexually active, when really she’s just taking money to be the talk of the school and to help boys get their own reputation. No one will forget Olive walking down the hall in a black corset with a bright red ‘A’ on her chest.

7 Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) – Available On Netflix

Crazy Stupid Love's Jacob and Olive at a classy bar, talking to each other

Emma Stone tries her hand at a romantic comedy, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. is full of twists, laughs, and horrendously quirky and memorable characters. With Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, and Emma Stone, romance hasn’t quite gotten tangled so hilariously or outrageously as it does in this movie.

Stone is Hannah, an ambitious and headstrong gal looking for a passion-filled romance and someone who keeps things interesting and moving forwards. Her quirkiness is unmatched, and her jumping into Ryan Gosling’s arms to replicate Dirty Dancing is absolutely iconic.

6 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – Available On Starz

The Amazing Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy standing in a lab coat in the lab at Oscorp

Before this actress becomes Cruella, The Amazing Spider-Man might be a great choice for a bit of action that’s still a family favorite. Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy; she’s a smart, ambitious, determined, and sharp-witted student who is also the crush of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield).

Garfield and Stone’s chemistry is mesmerizing, and Gwen Stacy is a perfect superhero sidekick; with her power pretty much being her intelligence. Ultimately, it’s fitting to watch Stone take on this role and be a self-sufficient and courageous character.

5 Gangster Squad (2013) – Available On Apple TV

Gangster Squad's Grace and Jerry, standing in a bar and smirking at each other

Ruben Fleischer also directs this crime drama, which is a sultry and riveting take on mobsters and cops in 1949 Los Angeles. A team of cops take matters into their own hands to take down Mickey Cohen, a mobster with enough malice for the whole city.

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With Sean Penn (as Cohen), Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone, Gangster Squad has romance, action, crime, suspense, and total entertainment. Stone is Grace Faraday, the arm candy of Mickey Cohen, before one of the cops steals her eye.

4 Birdman (2014) – Available On Apple TV

Birdman's Sam standing on a balcony, looking up

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) took home four Oscars, and is a comedy drama following a washed-up actor, Riggan (Michael Keaton) whose time as a superhero on-screen is over, and he tries to jump back in by creating a Broadway production.

Emma Stone is Sam, the daughter and assistant, who is recovering from issues with drugs. Her story is as infatuating as Riggan’s, and it’s a darker and more serious role than she’s played before. For this reason, her devastating performance is a great watch before Cruella’s backstory hits the big screen.

3 La La Land (2016) – Available On Amazon Video

La La Land's Sebastian and Mia walking in the sunset down a bridge

This music drama is certainly not bursting with action or villainous characters, but it’s one performance of Emma Stone’s that certainly can’t be missed. Pairing up once again with Ryan Gosling, the two play an aspiring actor and pianist trying to make it in Hollywood.

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La La Land is stunning to watch, and is bursting with hard truths of ambition, love, and loss. Of course, Stone took home the win for Best Actress. While it’s nothing like Cruella de Vil, it’s hard not to fall in love with Stone and Gosling dancing under a streetlight.

2 The Favourite (2018) – Available On Amazon Video

The Favourite - Abigail sitting on a chair next to the fireplace

The Favourite might be the best here for an actual preparation for Cruella. Mainly, because Stone’s Abigail is cunning, calculative, manipulative, and bursting with ambition. Taking place in 18th Century England, two servants fight for Queen Anne’s heart and the power that comes with it.

With Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz, this artistic, wicked, funny, and deep historical drama really is unlike any other, and Stone shines brighter than ever. The wicked ambition of this powerful and mostly female cast is unforgettable, and great to watch before the Disney flick.

1 Maniac (2018) – Available On Netflix

Maniac - Annie and Owen sitting on a bench outside

Maniac might not be a movie, but this Netflix limited series is worth binge-watching. This sci-fi drama stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone as two troubled strangers, who both decide to participate in a pharmaceutical trial for a drug that will allegedly solve all emotional problems.

However, every time they take a pill, they enter into a fantastical world where things never really go as planned. This mind-bending drama is hysterical, but is also full of drama and brand new ‘skits’ with wild costumes and stories that are impossible not to love. Stone transforms into character after character (each better than the last), and this psychological treat is a must-see.

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