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10 Of The Best Reasons Couples Broke Up

lorelai and jason and dean and rory

Gilmore Girls may be primarily about the relationships between mothers and daughters, but the romantic relationships are a close second in terms of importance! Whether it’s Luke and Lorelai spending a full seven seasons figuring their relationship out, or the question of who is really Rory’s best boyfriend, romance is everywhere in Stars Hollow… and that means that breakups are, too.

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While there are some great, long-term relationships on the show (like Emily and Richard, or Sookie and Jackson), most of them have an expiry date. And while some breakups left fans tearing their hair out in frustration, others made perfect sense. These are the relationships that ended for the best possible reasons – even if sometimes, that involved the worst possible behavior.

10 Dean Cheated On Lindsay

lindsay throws dean out - gilmore girls

There was so much more to this breakup, and fans agree that Dean and Lindsay should have never rushed into marriage in the first place. After Dean and Rory broke up, Lindsay was his next relationship, and everyone (especially Rory) was shocked when they decided to get married right out of high school. From there, things went from bad to worse, with Dean unable to live up to Lindsay’s expectations, her pushing him to drop out of college, and eventually, him cheating on her with Rory. In short, every reason that this relationship ended is a valid one, and cheating was just the final straw.

9 Lorelai Just Didn’t Love Max

Lorelai’s first big love in the series nearly got her down the aisle… but not quite. There’s little doubt that Lorelai could have treated Max a little better, and that literally running away right before her wedding day wasn’t the ideal way to handle the scenario… but breaking up with someone because you simply do not love them is an unassailable reason. Lorelai knew that she just didn’t want to marry Max, and there doesn’t need to be any more of a reason to call off a wedding.

8 Jason Was Suing Lorelai’s Father

Lorelai and jason pretend to date at dinner on gilmore girls

Another one of Lorelai’s shorter-lived romances was with Jason – a man she had known for a long time, who became her father’s business partner around the same time they started dating. Neither partnership worked out, though, and for the same reason. Jason’s business interests went sour when his father struck a deal with Richard, leaving him with nothing, and he decided to sue in retaliation. He may have been justified, but Lorelai was forced to choose between a new-ish boyfriend and her parents. It’s no surprise her parents won.

7 Paris Was In Love With Someone Else

When Paris and Jamie met as summer interns, they seemed like a match made in heaven. They were both ambitious, brilliant, and going to Ivy League schools, and Jamie became Paris’s first real boyfriend. However, when she met Asher, she ended things – and it made sense.

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Jamie definitely deserved to have her break up with him earlier (and with a little more consideration), but ending things because she met someone else was perfectly reasonable.

6 Rory Could Barely Remember Paul

Alexis Bledel as Rory and Bryce Johnson as Paul in Gilmore Girls

In the Gilmore Girls revival, Rory has a boyfriend… who she continually forgets about. It’s actually fairly impressive, as she and her entire family seem to constantly forget everything about him – even though he’s a big enough part of her life that he’s met her whole family more than once. It was a bizarre storyline, and made stranger by the fact that in the end, Paul was the one to break up with her, when he finally got sick of being ignored. Really, it’s surprising he hung on as long as he did.

5 Nicole Cheated On Luke


Nicole was Luke’s lawyer, and everyone (especially Lorelai) was shocked when he not only fell for her, but spontaneously married her on a cruise. It wasn’t too surprising, then, that things didn’t work out – especially when Luke found out that Nicole was cheating on him.

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The whole relationship was problematic, from the fact that Luke ‘moved in with’ her, but actually kept all his things in his original apartment and often slept there, to the eventual reveal that she wasn’t faithful.

4 Lorelai And Alex Just Fizzled Out

It was never really clarified exactly what ended this relationship, but it was pretty clear from that that things just fizzled out – and that’s a valid reason! When Lorelai first met Alex, they thought they had a lot in common (he even took her on a coffee tasting date!), but it soon became clear they had less to connect over than they thought. He loved fishing (which is definitely not Lorelai’s style), she didn’t really have space for him in her life, no wonder things wrapped up.

3 Dave Moved Away For College

The end of Lane and Dave broke fans’ hearts, as he was her first real boyfriend, and absolutely perfect for her. However, it ended for a common, and perfectly legitimate, reason. When Dave went off to college, and Lane stayed in Stars Hollow, they simply lost touch – especially given that this was set in a time before social media, unlimited texting, and video chat, it’s no wonder that they just couldn’t keep the spark going without actually being able to see each other, and that’s ok.

2 Rory Outgrew Dean

Another reasonable-but-sad breakup was Rory and Dean’s. The two were an amazing young couple, and as the show puts it, Dean was the ‘best first boyfriend’ Rory could have had. But he was definitely a first boyfriend, and it wasn’t surprising that these two teens didn’t last forever. Eventually, Rory wanted to date Jess, but she was also leaving Dean because their dreams and futures just didn’t line up. Neither did anything really ‘wrong’, but that’s not always necessary for a breakup to make sense.

1 Christopher Wasn’t The Right One

chris and lorelai in paris - gilmore girls

There were two loves in Lorelai’s life – Christopher and Luke. And while Christopher seemed so close to perfect, so much of the time, in the end he just wasn’t right. Yet again, everyone would have been better off if Lorelai actually figured this out earlier, rather than going through all the ups and downs, and even marriage and divorce, before finally figuring out that it wasn’t going to work. Still, it’s not always clear cut, and in the end, she made the right call in calling it off.

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