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10 Stevie & Johnny Moments That Tug At Viewers’ Heartstrings

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Throughout Schitt’s Creek’s 6 seasons, Johnny and Moira were making up for lost time as David and Alexis’ parents. While Moira was focused on her small jobs around town, Johnny focused on getting the motel in order. Helping him, was the owner of the hotel and David’s best friend, Stevie. The two got to know each other while trying to make the motel something special. Along the way, a sweet relationship formed between Johnny and Stevie.

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Among Moira, Alexis, and David, Johnny was the most levelheaded of the four and understood the ins and outs of business. He was a waterfall of knowledge for Stevie. By the final season, Stevie was like a third child for Johnny and Moira. And while his own relationship with his kids was remarkable to watch, it was his relationship with Stevie was one that fans adored viewing.

10 The Hospies

In “The Hospies,” the Rosebud Motel was up for an award at an annual hospitality ceremony. Johnny was beside himself, he’s so excited. Stevie, on the other hand, was more excited about seeing her on and off lover, Emir. Johnny didn’t expect the Rosebud Motel to win, but when it did, it made all of his hard work and sacrifice worth it.

Sadly, he couldn’t fully enjoy the moment with Stevie, because she had just found out at the ceremony that Emir wasn’t interested in anything long-term with her. Johnny’s attention went directly to Stevie. He hugged her and let her know that she was safe and didn’t need to go back out to the ceremony. Furthermore, he left the Hospies weekend early with Stevie. He treated her as he would have treated his daughter. 

9 He Made Sure Emir Was Treating Her Right

After Stevie hooked up with Emir a few times, she was clearly falling for him. Especially after dragging David to the middle of nowhere to see him for a night. 

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In one scene, Johnny walked in on Stevie taking a risqué photo of herself at work. They were both embarrassed and awkward about it, but Johnny tried playing it cool. After a weird couple of days, Johnny assured her that she had nothing to worry about. He just wanted to know that the person she was sending those pictures and was interested in was a good guy who appreciated her. Johnny just wanted the best for her.

8 She Read Johnny’s Business Book

johnny shows stevie his book and hugs her on schitts creek

When Stevie was finding herself, she took time away from the motel to try something new. As a parting gift, Johnny gifted her a book on business that he wrote years prior. Unlike Alexis or David, Stevie read the book (well, at least the first chapter) and returned to the Rosebud Motel with a clear mind and a new set of eyes.

After reading his book, she realized she was ignoring her gut feelings and really wanted to be at the motel again. What’s better, thanks to reading Johnny’s book, she reminded him of smart business decisions when it came to franchising the Rosebud Motel. 

7 They Missed Working Alongside Each Other

Johnny tells stevie that hell be her business partner on schitt's creek

After seeing each other every day, Johnny and Stevie appeared to miss each other when Stevie took a break from the motel. Without Stevie, Johnny was on his own — that was until Roland joined him and became a partner. Johnny appreciated Roland’s help but it wasn’t the same as Stevie’s calm presence.

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Likewise, after trying to make it as a flight attendant for Larry Air, the experience made Stevie realize how much she missed working at the motel alongside Johnny. 

6 He Supported Her Performance In Cabaret

stevie talks to moira backstage of cabaret on schitts creek

Stevie’s participation in Cabaret showed that Johnny wasn’t the only parental figure in her life, Moira also acted as a mother to her during her preparation for the performance. Considering Stevie didn’t even want to be the star of the show, she did a fantastic job on opening night and was proud of herself — and she wasn’t alone.

At the end of the performance, Johnny told her that he was proud of her. Hilariously, Moira was standing beside Stevie and thought he was talking to her. The moment shed light on the fact that Johnny was there to support Stevie on her big night.

5 She Helped Him Cope With The Expenses Of David’s Wedding

johnny and david taste test food with a chef on schitt's creek

In “Sunrise, Sunset,” Johnny was overwhelmed by the idea of paying for David and Patrick’s food at their wedding. Stevie knew Johnny well enough to know what was going on even though Johnny didn’t say anything. But after David came in to talk to his dad about the wedding, the pain was written all over his face.

Stevie approached him as a friend and reminded him that he wasn’t always going to feel so lost or down on his luck. That small moment was telling of their relationship because it showed how in tune she was with Johnny’s facial expressions. 

4 Johnny’s Heartburn

Johnny in the hospital as moira and co panic about what to do on schitt's creek

When Johnny felt pain in his chest, Moira, Roland, Stevie began to panic. He wasn’t acting like himself and he had been through enough stress to bring on health scares, like heart attacks. 

While Moira was screaming at him to not die, Roland was spouting nonsense that didn’t help. The only one who was calm and collected—while visibly upset—was Stevie. Stevie was the ringleader and made sure that Johnny got the help he needed without the theatrics. 

3 Rosebud Motel

Exterior shot of the Rosebud Motel on a sunny day

In “Open Mic,” Johnny and Stevie were officially business partners and ready to make the Rosebud Motel something special. As always, Stevie had cold feet, but after seeing the work Johnny and Alexis went through to make her feel supported in her role, she gained confidence.

This feeling was multiplied when Johnny changed the name from Motel to the Rosebud Motel. As part-owners, Johnny combined their last names to grace the future motel chain. Seeing her name on her motel was similar to seeing her name in lights. It was a monumental moment for the two.

2 Stevie Helped Them Get Their Footing Around Schitt’s Creek

Roland Stevie and Johnny

Stevie looked at the Roses as if they were pariahs when they first arrived in Schitt’s Creek. They were like expensive fish out of water. And as much as she judged them, she gave them a helping hand when they needed it.

She gave Johnny the lowdown on Schitt’s Creek and the people he would need to contact for various things. From the start, she was Johnny and David’s safety blanket.

1 The Business Contract

The roses and stevie stand out front of rosebud motel on schitts creek

Stevie was relieved Johnny wanted to join forces and co-own the motel together. She knew she couldn’t run the motel herself and she needed help. With Johnny’s business experience and ultimate respect for Stevie, the partnership was a smart one. 

Before signing the contract, Stevie told Johnny she was worried he was going to leave her and the business behind one day. Moira was constantly talking about leaving Schitt’s Creek and she didn’t want to be left behind. In order to successfully be partners, Stevie had it added to their contract that Johnny wouldn’t leave her or the hotel for greener pastures. They were a team and in it together. 

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