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10 Strangest Romances In Batman Comics

Batman Catwoman 2

Batman comics have a surprisingly rich history of romances, relationships, and hook-ups within its decades-long cannon. For a non-super-powered mortal man, The Dark Knight has surprisingly few weaknesses. However, he has one notable and ongoing Achilles heel; Bruce Wayne’s love for beautiful women.

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It is a reoccurring trope within Batman comics, much like how everyone keeps escaping from Arkham, that Bruce Wayne can’t resist the allure of a vivacious vixen. And inevitably, his relationships never seem to work out. In fact, most of the Bat-Family and many of the villains have a history of failed romances. Apparently, love is fleeting in Gotham, but surprisingly easy to find, although extremely strange and incoherent at times.

10 Batman & Catwoman

Batman & Catwoman At The Movie Theater

This is the most recent, and probably best, relationship Batman has been in. Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, and Bruce Wayne have had a long history of flirtation throughout their comics history. Despite being a key fixture in Batman’s rogue’s gallery ever since her first appearance in Batman #1, published in 1940, Bruce has always sought out the good in her.

Although she is a professional jewel thief by trade, Selina has regularly teamed up with the Dark Knight when the need arose. He has put a surprising amount of trust in her over the decades, even revealing his secret identity to her on multiple occasions. The two even took their relationship to the next level, getting married in 2018’s Batman Vol. 3 #50.

9 Batman & Poison Ivy

Batman & Poison Ivy

Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, was first introduced to comic readers in 1966, in Batman #181. Her mastery over plants and her use of powerful pheromones makes her a dangerous foe for anyone in DC Comics. Add in the fact that she is a beautiful woman and you have one of Batman’s most dangerous adversaries.

Although the two seem to have something of a love-hate relationship, the two have never officially been a couple in the comics. Which is certainly for the best, as both parties have moved on to happier relationships. Most notably is Pamela’s blossoming relationship with Harley Quinn in the comics.

8 Batman & Black Canary

Batman & Black Canary

Dinah Drake, better known as Black Canary, besides being a well-known superhero in her own right, has been the long-time love interest of Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow. Despite her love for Oliver, she has often shown attraction for The Dark Knight.

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Dinah has regularly succumbed to Bruce Wayne’s brooding charm and the two have shared the occasional kiss in the pages of the comics. However, the two have never gone further than that and their relationship was never more than the occasional fling. Which overall is a good thing as the two never had a lot of chemistry or any interesting storylines together.

7 Batman & Talia Al Ghul

Batman & Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of a notable Batman villain in his rogue’s gallery, Ra’s Al Ghul, was first introduced in 1977’s, Detective Comics #411. Since her introduction, she has served as an antagonistic love interest to Bruce Wayne. She’s nearly a match with The Dark Knight in combat, she fully accepts his lifestyle, and she truly cares about him.

However, the major issue is that her main goal is to convince Bruce to take her father’s place as the leader of the League of Shadows and eventually bring deadly justice to the streets of Gotham. Which, unsurprisingly, Bruce isn’t on board with so, despite their honest feelings for one another it seems that their relationship will never work out.

6 Robin & Jubilee

Robin and Jubilee Comic Romance

Despite happening during DC and Marvel’s long-awaited crossover event during the ’90s known as DC Versus Marvel, this oddly adorable couple is certainly worth mention. Tim Drake was taking the mantle of Robin at the time of this event, and like most of the crossover comics, it began with the two battling each other to a standstill.

After the battle, the two found common ground, and they quickly became a couple. Sadly, this romance was doomed from the start as the two were swept back to their respective universes after the crossover event was finished.

5 Batman & Wonder Woman

Batman & Wonder Woman

The romance of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince, best known as Wonder Woman, is mostly a case of harmless flirting and missed opportunity. The two have regularly played with the idea of entering a relationship together, even sharing a kiss on multiple occasions, but it has never worked out.

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Perhaps the closest the two came to sealing the deal was in Legends of the DC Universe #32. In that comic, the two share a strong bond and almost get together. However, they had major moral differences in the way they dispensed justice. Batman’s one rule is that he won’t kill, while Diana practices a more pertinent form of punishment.

4 Batman & Natalia Knight

Batman & Natalia Knight Kissing

Reaffirming the notion that Bruce Wayne has a thing for ladies with sticky fingers, he began a romance with a different professional jewel thief, Natalia Knight. Ms. Knight, better known as Nocturna, was first introduced in Detective Comics #529.

During the run of her storyline, she briefly adopted Jason Todd and quickly learned Batman’s secret identity. Which is a reoccurring theme with the women in his life. Despite her life of crime and supervillain alter-ego, the two dated for a time before Nocturna disappeared into obscurity.

3 Batman & Rachael Caspian

Batman & Rachael Caspian

Taking place in the pages of Batman: Year Two, this love affair seemed like the real thing. In this comic, Bruce Wayne was fully prepared to give up his life of crime-fighting for a life with Rachael. This is something that sets this relationship apart from all the rest, never before had Batman said that he would hang up the mantel for anything, much less a love interest. However, their love affair was doomed.

Rachael’s father had been moonlighting as a vigilante at night, much like The Dark Knight himself. Only Rachael’s father was killing criminals. Rachael was so horrified that she broke off her engagement to Bruce Wayne to join a nunnery as penance for her father’s crimes, leaving Bruce heartbroken.

2 Batman & Julia Pennyworth

Batman & Julia Pennyworth

Originally named Julia Remarque at the time of her introduction in the ’80s, Julia is most notable for being the estranged daughter of Bruce Wayne’s lifelong butler and father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. Introduced as an investigative reporter born from an affair Alfred had during World War II, she traveled to Gotham seeking her long-lost father.

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Upon finding her father, she also met his surrogate son, Bruce Wayne. The two had an instant attraction and in an all-time bad move from Batman, the two had a brief affair. Thankfully, this has since been retconned as now Julia Pennyworth is working as a secret agent rather than a reporter.

1 Harley Quinn & The Joker

Harley Quinn & The Joker

Perhaps the worst couple in all of comics, some people will always want Harley Quinn and The Joker to stay together. Needless to say, their relationship is dysfunctional at times and terrifyingly abusive at others. Despite being a couple since Harley Quinn’s introduction in Batman: The Animated Series, the two have thankfully drifted apart over the years.

Since leaving Mr. J, Harley has had a true glow-up. She has taken the helm of her own series and has taken the DC Universe by storm. Currently in the comics, she is living her best life with her current partner, Poison Ivy.

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