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10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Alice Cullen

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Out of all the characters on The Twilight Saga, the vampires, especially the Cullens, caught the fancies of millions of fans worldwide. Apart from Edward, who was an obvious fan favorite, Alice Cullen was extremely popular among the fanbase. Her sprightly personality combined with her extraordinary divinatory powers captured fans’ hearts and imaginations.

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The feisty Cullen sister had one of the most unique histories and even though actor Ashley Greene played her perfectly (Stephenie Meyer herself believes that she was the most perfect Alice she could have found), there was much about the petite vampire that was unexplored in the movies. There is so much about her that only fans of the books would know.

10 Her Full Name is Mary Alice Brandon

Alice From Twilight

Movie fans will always know her as Alice Cullen, but she was born Mary Alice Brandon in her first life as a human being. After she was transformed into a vampire, she lost her first name and decided to be called just by her middle name instead.

Like most of her coven, she also adopted the last name Cullen so she could fit in as their sister whenever they joined a new high school.

9 Her Visions Were Subjective

Alice and bella sit together on a couch and talk

Alice was known for her visions of the future, which she used to her advantage during battle, negotiations, and even her personal life. Alice had already “seen” Bella as a vampire long before she and Edward had even started dating, and Alice had envisioned the entire coven war in Breaking Dawn.

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Only book fans would know that Alice’s visions were never absolute. They were extremely changeable — dependent entirely on the choices and paths taken by the people involved. Hence, she saw many different versions of the future which changed as people’s minds did.

8 She Sought Out Jasper

Alice and jasper smile together in breaking dawn

When Alice changed, she woke up completely alone and with no memory of how she arrived there. Her first vision of the future was of Jasper — and the happy life that they were going to lead together.

Alice knew exactly who Jasper was and how she would meet him. When the time came, she met her soulmate. She had also foreseen their future family, the Cullens, and their “vegetarian” diet. So, she had adopted the murder-free animal blood diet way before she joined the Olympic Coven.

7 Her True Age

When Alice turned, she was only 19 years old, so she was frozen at that age forever. Since she was born in 1901, and turned in 1920, during the time Twilight took place, Alice was 104 years old.

She shared her birth year with her favorite sibling, Edward, and they were both the same ripe old age in Twilight.

6 Her Human Life And Transformation

Alice cullen twilight

The movies completely glossed over how Alice was turned. The histories of Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie, and Jasper were touched upon in varying degrees, but not Alice’s. Alice was born in Biloxi, Mississippi to a father who orchestrated his mother’s murder and trapped her in a mental asylum. She had a sister named Cynthia.

Even as a human, she had premonitions about the future, which got amplified after she was turned. As a human, she deemed a witch for her prophecies, and her vampire caretaker at the asylum took an interest in her. He was the one who changed her in order to save her life from a deadly tracking vampire, James.

5 Her Height

Cullen family crest twilight emmett jasper alice rosalie

Little Alice was truly little in the books. Extremely slim, the wispy vampire was only about 4 feet 10 inches tall. Everybody towered over her tiny stature in her coven and almost everywhere she went

In the movies, they couldn’t cast somebody that short, so Ashley Greene’s Alice was 5 feet 5 inches tall.

4 Her Love For Fashion, Fast Cars, and Trading

Twilight New Moon Alice Cullen

Apart from her foresight, Alice also possessed a keen sartorial sense. She was absolutely in love with fashion, clothes, shoes, and accessories — along with fast cars like the Porsche she asked Edward to gift her. Alice loved using Bella as a “three-dimensional paper doll” and buying new looks for her to wear.

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In fact, she built a custom wardrobe for Bella in Breaking Dawn and even took care of her wedding and school dance clothes more than once. Alice also enjoyed trading in stocks, especially since she would always know the outcomes of the market with her special abilities.

3 She Had Living Relatives

Alice stands facing the camera in school

While the other vampires had little to no connection left of their human lineages anymore, Alice surprisingly had a vestige of human connection left in the world.

Alice’s sister Cynthia Brandon had lived and passed as a human, but her daughter was very much alive in their hometown Biloxi. Immortal Alice had a mortal niece alive in the world.

2 Her Association With James

James hunting in the woods in Twilight

Bella was not the only person who had faced trouble with James, the villain of the first book in the series. James was a formidable tracker, and in 1920 he had tracked Alice, whose blood smelt extremely sweet to him. Alice had already “seen” James’ arrival in her life as he tracked her scent, and had shared this with her vampire caretaker at the asylum.

With limited time, the vampire changed Alice to save her life, and instead fell prey to vicious James. Alice then awoke, a vampire with no memories of how she came to be.

1 The Reason Her Hair Looks Like That

Perhaps the most iconic physical trait that Alice possesses is her signature pixie haircut. Her chic, spiky hairstyle might have been trendy and fans loved her for it, but it came about due to different reasons.

When her father checked her into the mental facility, Alice’s hair was shaved. As it started to grow back, she was turned into a vampire which froze her physical state as it was: half-grown cropped hair and all.

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