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14 Covid Patients In ICU AC Unit Blast Lead to Fire in Hospital Mumbai, Virar News

13 killed in hospital fire in Virar

The number of cases of covid infection per day has risen sharply, reaching an all-time high of 65,476 cases in the country’s largest state Maharashtra. When it comes to matters of national significance and stability, the Maharashtra is always in a unique and privileged place. Following the trend, the rate at which infected staff cases have begun to rise in the Deccan has become a major source of concern for both the central and local governments.

Amid the resurgence in the cases of the deadly Corona virus, there has been a fire in the hospital of Virar on the early morning of 23rd April. The fire broke out in the hospital due to the blast which happened in the air conditioning unit. 13 patients have died in the incident of fire break out. Most of the patients were present in the ICU who have lost their lives. The footage and the pics which went viral after the fire was bought under control were haunting.

13 killed in hospital fire in Virar

The name of the hospital is Vijay Vallabh Hospital which is situated in Virar, Mumbai. Out of the 13 patients who died in the event, 8 were women and the remaining 5 were men. The footage released after the fire went off was full of smoke and ash. Ceiling fans were all burnt and beds were destroyed. There were many people who were crying and sobbing outside the ward as they had their known people in the ICU when the fire was caught.

14 Covid Patients Killed in Mumbai

The incident took place around 3:15 am on Friday morning. There was a short circuit in the air conditioning unit of the intensive care unit of the hospital. It was followed by a blast which made the scenes even worse leading to the loss of so many lives. The Congress party supremo Rahul Gandhi have requested all the party worker in and around Virar to help the people who have been the victim of such tragic event.

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The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi tweeted to offer condolence to the departed souls. He expressed his grief on the uncertain event which happened amid the 2nd wave of pandemic. The health minister , Harsh Vardhan also expressed his condolence for the deceased and wish for their families strength to bear the loss. PM Narendra Modi announced an amount of Rs. 2 lakh for the kins of the people who lost their lives in the hospital fire.



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