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15 Of The Best Disney Princess Quotes

A collage of the faces of Jasmine Rapunzel Tiana and Mulan from the Disney animated movies

For years and years, Disney princesses have been inspiring and entertaining people. From their gorgeous outfits and love lives to their stunning castles and motivational attitudes, these leading ladies are true heroes and icons.

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They are also very quote-worthy, with their spirited speeches and memorable songs; while each princess is unique and distinct, these gals do tend to talk quite a bit about dreams, hard work, goals, and determination, which we love. And while it can be hard to narrow down the top lines from these characters, here are some of the best quotes from Disney princesses listed out down below!

Updated on May 8th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Disney animated movies are known for their fantastical world-building and lovely characters and their iconic Disney princesses that have appeared on screen for decades. Disney princesses are a big part of the franchise and the Disney princess quotes are typically uplifting, heartwarming, and inspiring. The princess quotes range from believing that kindness will bring good things in life, to hard work helping a person achieve their dreams, to inspiring everyone to love and be confident in themselves and their self-worth.

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15 “Remember, You’re The One Who Can Fill The World With Sunshine.” — Snow White

Snow White was always a happy and pleasant personality who was impossible not to love as everyone from the dwarfs to the animals loved her.

Snow White always brought sunshine into any situation she was put into and this quote exemplifies her typical demeanor throughout the movie as she believes having a positive approach to life will bring sunshine and happiness to everyone.

14 “Where There Is Kindness, There Is Goodness. And Where There Is Goodness, There Is Magic.” — Cinderella

Cinderella has had a difficult life having to live with an evil step-family and being forced to do all of the housework and not have a life of her own outside of the house.

Even though her circumstance at home is awful, she still has a bright outlook on life and is as kind as she can be to everyone she meets. Cinderella believes that kindness brings goodness and magic in life and it’s a lovely sentiment.

13 “Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone, For That’s Where Life Truly Begins.” — Rapunzel

Rapunzel holding a frying pan and with Flynn in Tangled

Rapunzel has spent her entire life, almost as long as she can remember, locked away in a tower by Mother Gothel and she yearns to escape and see the world for herself instead of just hearing about it.

She’s afraid to leave everything she’s ever known, but she’s determined to challenge herself and take chances in life even if she’s afraid, and that’s a good reminder for anyone.

12 “If You Dream A Thing More Than Once, It’s Sure To Come True.” — Aurora

Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty, of course, has a lovely line about dreaming that is one of her best quotes.

Aurora had to believe and have faith that she would be saved one day and get her happily ever after and because she had to, unfortunately, depend on someone else to save her, but she at least still had the power to dream.

11 “If I Do Marry, I Want It To Be For Love.” — Jasmine

Aladdin firs kiss with Jasmine in palace

Jasmine is caught in a difficult situation as she’s the Sultan’s daughter and there’s pressure on her to get married and have her marriage be arranged to help the kingdom.

Jasmine being the strong and independent woman she is, won’t stand for this kind of treatment and frequently tells her father that if she ever does get married, because that’s not a guarantee, that she’ll marry who she wants to marry and be married for love.

10 “If You Keep On Believing, The Dream That You Wish Will Come True.” — Cinderella

Cinderella is a classic and is typically referenced, mentioned, and parodied pretty often since it is a beautiful rags-to-riches story.

At the beginning of her film, this young woman was being bossed around by her evil stepsisters and stepsisters. Even with all the orders and cleaning and mistreatment, though, she never gave up on her dreams, her wishes nor herself.

9 “The Only Way To Get What You Want In This World Is Through Hard Work.” — Tiana

Next up is a quote from The Princess and the Frog, and it is all about hard work. Whether Disney princesses are cleaning houses, ruling kingdoms, fighting battles or helping others, they are putting in effort and showing off skill. 

One specifically skilled character is Tiana, with her exuberant personality and her awesome cooking. In her flick, she spreads the message of working to get what is wanted.

8 “I Want More.” — Ariel

Ariel Meets With Scuttle In The Little Mermaid

Everyone is familiar with Ariel in The Little Mermaid; she had a great life under the sea… but she wanted more. She had a fascination with worldly things, and after she saw Prince Eric, she knew she belonged on the land.

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It was not an easy adventure, and her loved ones were not sure it was a good decision. In the end, though, her hopes and perseverance paid off, as she lived happily ever after (out of the water and with legs)!

7 “Believe You Can, Then You Will.” — Mulan

On a similar note to Ariel’s last quote, Mulan urged everyone watching her movie to keep believing in themselves.

Everyone has something they want in life, and this tale helped show that believing in that something and in one’s self is the first step towards success.

6 “I’m Sure I’ll Get Along Somehow. Everything’s Going To Be Alright.” — Snow White

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without some inspiration from the first Disney princess ever. Snow White paved the way for other leading ladies, displaying iconic traits such as beauty, kindness, and strength. 

No matter what came her way, she remained positive and caring. She knew it would all be okay. She was always confident there would be a happy ending and she would eventually get her happily ever after.

5 “Our Fate Lives Within Us; You Only Have To Be Brave Enough To See It.” — Merida

Fittingly enough, Merida from Brave spoke an incredible line about bravery. She spoke of fate and of looking inward.

Her words were, like many others on this list, also about dreams and goals and getting what is destined to be. Just remember to be bold and courageous when going after all of that and more.

4 “It’s Not Until You Lose Everything That You Can Truly Appreciate Everything.” — Belle

One minute, Belle was waking up, reading and talking to her father like normal, and the next, she was out searching for him and then getting locked away by a beast. This creature did not have it easy either, which had made him bitter and not very nice.

These two experienced losses and pain, but Belle’s beautiful words rang true: Low times like that can just make a person even more grateful for all they have.

3 “Listen With Your Heart; You Will Understand.” — Pocahontas

In all instances, a Disney princess has a wonderful wardrobe but their inner selves are just as dazzling, though, if not more so!

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This is a common fact and theme, as seen by this next quote, which is from Pocahontas. She reminds fans to listen to their hearts when searching for the truth and deciding on the next step.

2 “I Am Not A Prize To Be Won.” — Jasmine

Every single character on this list has so many terrific qualities, and when it comes to willpower, the top spot may belong to Jasmine from Aladdin.

She is never afraid to speak up or speak out, even when it is tough and even when it is in a conversation with someone close to her and this confident quote from her is one of her most famous ones.

1 “Let Your Power Shine.” — Rapunzel

Just as Rapunzel’s hair shines, so does her wisdom, which is evident with this final quote.

All of the characteristics that have been mentioned here today are powerful, including Cinderella’s positivity, Mulan’s battle skills, Belle’s interest in books, and Jasmine’s boldness. Therefore, it is fitting to end with words from Tangled that say to let that power, whatever it may be, shine!

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