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2021 Is The Year Of Evan Peters Fakeouts

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Evan Peters’ latest characters have experienced some of the most surprising and twisty fates this year. Here’s why he has so many fakeouts in 2021.

Warning: SPOILERS for Mare of Easttown and WandaVision follow, including the fate of Evan Peters’ characters.

It turns out 2021 is steadily becoming the year of Evan Peters fakeouts. In the last two television shows he’s been in – WandaVision and Mare of Easttown – Peters has portrayed characters who have been built up to be more than they are … until they aren’t. While certain reveals have not sat well with fans, the critical response to these fakeouts speaks to Peters’ talent and onscreen presence.

Though he is best known for his roles in Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series American Horror Story and as Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver in recent X-Men films, Peters’ latest stint on crime drama Mare of Easttown continues his streak of shocking character turns. Mare of Easttown stars Kate Winslet as grieving detective Mare Sheehan, navigating the small-town murder of a local teen. Evan Peters plays county detective Colin Zabel, sent to assist Mare in the hunt for the killer.

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Peters as Colin brings a welcome dose of levity, vulnerability, and integrity in a miniseries weighed down by fresh tragedy and past trauma. In just four episodes, he seemed positioned as a leading character in Mare’s life and in the murder case, especially after revealing to Mare that he’s not the young hotshot detective people have made him out to be. The show even hinted at a possible future relationship between Mare and Colin in episode five. It promptly extinguishes any hope of him helping Mare close the case when Colin’s death comes after he is shot towards the end of the episode while they’re interrogating the kidnapper of two girls. It’s a brutal, surprising end to a character whom the show suggested would be a major player. While this not may seem as epic as WandaVision‘s fakeout, it’s still a disappointing and abrupt end to an inherently decent character and compelling narrative arc.

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Evan Peters’ role as fake Pietro in WandaVision garnered the same shock many viewers felt after Colin’s death. Much speculation swirled around the introduction of X-Men’s Quicksilver, as it seemed to signal the long-awaited merge between the MCU and X-Men, whose properties are both owned by Disney after the company’s acquisition of Fox and all its IP. However, Peters’ X-Men character ended up being a huge fakeout – instead of Quicksilver, he was actually Ralph Bohner, a Westview resident whom Agatha Harkness used to investigate the full extent of Wanda’s powers. He was merely a red herring.

Though these two fakeouts are purely coincidental, it raises questions on what’s to come for Evan Peters in American Horror Story‘s tenth season. American Horror Story is notorious for its narrative and character curveballs. Could his next character generate a water cooler moment the likes of WandaVision or Mare of Easttown? If it’s another fakeout for Evan Peters, let’s hope it garners positive attention.

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