27 Silly Elf Jokes for All the Kids at the Christmas Table

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It’s essentially the most great time of the 12 months as soon as once more and all of us might do with an additional dose of vacation cheer. Humorous Christmas jokes are an ideal technique to get into the vacation spirit, and these foolish elf jokes for teenagers are certain to maintain them as merry as may be. You possibly can’t go incorrect with these downright hilarious elf jokes which are certain to unfold seasonal pleasure and have everybody’s stomach shaking like a bowlful of jelly. 

Whether or not you’re gathering with your loved ones just about or in-person, you’re going to be glad you got here armed with a handful of tacky jokes for the youngsters. You may even get a giggle or two from the adults who’re nonetheless younger at coronary heart. 

So preserve scrolling and begin spreading seasonal cheer one humorous elf joke at a time.

Elf jokes for teenagers (and the youngsters at coronary heart)

1. Q: How do elves talk with each other?
A: They use their elf telephones.

2. Q: What do you name a holistic elf physician?
A: A gnome-opath.

3. Q: What do you name an elf strolling backwards?
A: A Fle.

4. Q: If athletes get athlete’s foot, what do elves get?
A: Mistle-toe.

5. Q: Why do not one of the elves’ names start with ‘S’?
A: As a result of that will be egocentric.

6. Q: What sort of vehicles do elves drive?
A: Toy-otas.

7. Q: What’s an elf’s favourite kind of bread?
A: Shortbread.

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8. Q: What do elves sing to Santa on his birthday?
A: Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow!

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9. Q: The place do elves go once they’re sick?
A: To the elf heart.

10. Q: What’s a feminine elf known as?
A: A shelf.

11. Q: What do you name an elf who’s received the lottery?
A: Welfy.

12. Q: How do elves get from ground to ground?
A: They use the elf-avatar.

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13. Q: The place do elves go dancing?
A: Christmas balls.

14. Q: What sort of images do elves like taking?
A: Elfies.

15. Q: Why does Santa owe every little thing to the elves?
A: As a result of he is an elf-made man.

16. Q: Why do elves make good listeners?
A: As a result of they’re all ears.

17. Q: Why did the elves ask the turkey to hitch the band?
A: As a result of he had the drum sticks.

18. Q: What do elves be taught at school?
A: The Elf-abet

19. Q: The place do you discover elves?
A: Relies upon the place you left them!

20. Q: What’s one other identify for Santa’s helpers?
A: Subordinate clauses!

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21. Q: How do elves greet one another?
A: “Small world, is not it?”

22. Q: If Santa rides in a sleigh, what do elves trip in?
A: Mini vans!

23. Who sings “Blue Christmas” and makes toy guitars?
A: Elfis!

24. Q: What did the elf say was step one to utilizing a Christmas laptop?
A: “First, YULE LOG on…”

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25. Q: How lengthy ought to an elf’s legs be?
A: Simply lengthy sufficient to succeed in the bottom.

26. Q: What sort of cash do elves use?
A: Jingle payments!

27. Q: What number of elves does it take to alter a lightweight bulb?
A: Ten! One to alter the sunshine bulb and 9 to face on one another’s shoulders.

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