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34 Year Old Finnish Minister Sanna Marin to Become the Youngest Prime Minister in the World


After the resignation of Antti Rinne as a PM, Sanna Marine who is currently transport minister of the country was chosen by the Social Democratic party to become to the PM. She is about to take swear in this week. This is how this 32-year leader will become the youngest prime minister in the world. Besides that, she would also become the third lady head of the Finland government.

Another interesting thing about this is that the current Finland government is formed with the support of a total of five parties and now all the parties are headed by women and three among them are below the age of 35. This would be the first time in the political history of Finland that all parties in the coalition are headed by women.

The coalition and leaders

  • Social Democratic Party – Sanna Marin (34 years)
  • Left Alliance – Li Anderson (32 years)
  • Centre Party – Katri Kulmuni (32 years)
  • Green League – Maria Ohisalo (34 years)
  • Swedish People’s party – Anna-Maja Henriksson (55 years)

Until now Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk (35) was the youngest prime minister who took the responsibility of the nation in August 2019. The list will be followed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (39).

Who is Sanna Marin (about)? How Sanna Marine became the PM of Finland

After the quit of Antti Rinne as a PM of the nation, Sanna Marin won the votes by 32-39 against Antti Lindeman at the council meeting of the Social democratic Party held on December 8, 2019.

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In the elections for the prime minister which were held in April 2019, SDP became the part with maximum seats. The government of the nation was formed by the coalition of four other parties but being the largest party in the coalition it can choose any of its elected members as the prime minister of the country.

Sanna Marin plays the role of vice-chairperson of the SDP and a lawmaker (since 2015). After the April election, she was appointed as the transport and communication minister and now she is to serve as the youngest prime minister in the world.

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