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5 Best Deleted Scenes (& 5 That Were Better Left Out)

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With a film series that has as many entries as the 007 franchise, it is no surprise that there are more than a few scenes that didn’t make the final cut. There are plenty of reasons a filmmaker may decide to do away with a particular scene. Maybe the scene didn’t fit with the pacing of the film, maybe they wanted to go a different direction with a particular character, or perhaps there was a censorship issue.

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Whatever the reason, fans love to see what could have been with some of their favorite films. With 24 official films released and one more due later this year, fans of James Bond have a multitude of alternate and deleted scenes to choose from. Some of the scenes deserved to be deleted, while others may have enhanced their respective film with their inclusion.

10 Should Have Been Kept In: Goldeneye-Zukovsky Fake Guns

James Bond in Goldeneye with Zukovsky Fake Guns

To most fans, Robbie Coltrane is the loveable Hagrid from the Harry Potter films. To fans of the James Bond films, however, he is Valentin Zukovsky. An ex-KGB agent turned mafia leader and uneasy ally to 007, Zukovsky first appeared in Goldeneye, and even in his brief appearance made an impact.

A deleted scene has the character appear earlier in the film, however. The scene involves an arms dealer attempting to sell fake guns to the mafia head, and he is naturally unhappy with him. While not adding much to the plot, seeing more of this underrated character is a plus, and gives the audience an idea of the kind of person James will be dealing with.

9 Better Off Deleted: Dr. No-Honey Is Attacked By Crabs

Dr. No Honey being attacked by crabs in James Bond movie

In an unused sequence in the first Bond film, original Bond Girl Honey Ryder is tied down and attacked by crabs. While filming the sequence, however, the crabs moved far too slow to seem threatening. The sequence was completely scrapped, and only a few production images survive that prove the scene’s existence.

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As corny as the early films are, this is a scene that thankfully was scrapped, due to the fact very slow-moving crabs and a hysterical woman screaming at them wouldn’t do Dr. No any favors.

8 Should Have Been Kept In: Jaws Taunting James In Moonraker

The silent and threatening Jaws is one of the most iconic henchmen in the series. Jaws had two appearances, in The Spy Who Loved Me and the follow-up, Moonraker. The theatrical trailer to the latter shows a sequence where James tries to punch him out. This is a mild inconvenience, as he looks at James and simply shakes his head as if to say “Nice try.”

This scene unfortunately did not make the final cut. More than likely it was cut due to pacing, but this small interaction probably wouldn’t have slowed the plot down a lot. Audiences would have enjoyed seeing this brief, humourous interaction of the fan-favorite character.

7 Better Off Deleted: Oddjob’s First Appearance In Goldfinger

Oddjobs first appearance in deleted scene from Goldfinger

One of the most beloved films in the 007 franchise is the third film, Goldfinger. The movie is responsible for beginning several Bond traditions. One of the standout characters is henchman Oddjob. The character throws his hat and is able to cause serious damage with it. An extended scene with this character sounds like a real treat, but not in this instance.

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The character’s first appearance in the final film is off-screen. Audiences see a shadow that comes up behind Bond and knocks him unconscious, making the character mysterious. The alternate scene uses different camera angles, that show the character in full view taking away the mystery. The scene has been lost to time, although one photograph does exist showcasing it.

6 Should Have Been Kept In: The Aston Martin Drive From Casino Royale

Deleted Aston Martin scene from Casino Royale

James Bond has driven a multitude of cars in his 59 years on film. Regardless of the variety of car models, the one that has become synonymous with the character, is the Aston Martin. Making its debut in Goldfinger, the car has become a fan favorite, earning cheers when it pops back into the action.

An Aston Martin appeared in Casino Royale as a prize won in a poker game. The car is not in the final product for very long, although there is a deleted sequence that features Bond and Vesper going for a ride in it. This scene may have slowed things down, but fans probably wouldn’t have cared if it meant seeing more of this iconic car.

5 Better Off Deleted: The Leaked Workprint From The Living Daylights

The leaked workprint scene from The Living Daylights

Leaked spoilers are unfortunately commonplace these days and fans have to tread online carefully in the weeks leading up to a large release. In the ’80s, however, this wasn’t as big an issue, although not unheard of. In the months prior to the release of The Living Daylights, an early workprint version of the film began circulation on tape in Britain.

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This early version had little music, poor sound design, unfinished special effects, and a large amount of extended and deleted scenes. Certain scenes are viewable online in very poor quality and most of the alternate footage did not make the final cut, and fans are grateful for it, as much of it wasn’t the best the series had to offer.

4 Should Have Been Kept In: Felix’s Wedding In License To Kill

License To Kill featured a deadlier Bond for a new era and one that saw James operating mostly outside of MI6 on a revenge mission. The opening of the film involves the wedding of CIA agent and ally of Bond, Felix Leiter. While audiences do not get to see the wedding itself, photos exist that show the scene was filmed.

While not necessary to the plot, it would have made the tragedy that came later all the more heartbreaking. Fans were not able to see much of Felix’s doomed bride, and this would have given her the opportunity to make an impact.

3 Better Off Deleted: The Extended Opening From Casino Royale

The deleted exended opening of Casino Royale

The opening sequence of Casino Royale is important because it shows audiences this a rougher Bond than they were used to, and the end of the mission that earned him Double-O status. The scene features a fight scene in a bathroom that shows the action in this film will be gritty, and the flashback comes abrupt and catches fans off guard.

The original scene, though, features several more flashbacks that showcase James stalking his victim at a cricket game and eventually corners him in the bathroom. The scene is unnecessary, as fans do not need to see how James found him, they just need to know that once James has him in his crosshairs, he is done for.

2 Should Have Been Kept In: The Mathis Red Herring In Casino Royale

The Mathis red herring scene from Casino Royale

In the heart-pounding torture scene, Le Chiffre reveals to James that his ally, Mathis, actually works for him. After this scene, audiences see James already recovering and Mathis being taken away. A deleted scene builds on this mystery, however. James is taken to a hospital due to his injuries, and Mathis is beside his bed when he awakes. Fans, as well as James, aren’t sure whether or not to trust him.

James even goes so far as to reach for a pair of scissors, seemingly to stab the man, although he falls out of bed before grabbing them. Those who have seen the movie know this would have been a mistake, although this scene would have added more suspense to an already suspenseful film.

1 Better Off Deleted: The Alternate Ending Of Quantum Of Solace

The ending of Casino Royale and the opening of Quantum Of Solace shows James bringing Mr. White to MI6 for questioning. The man reveals his organization has people everywhere and makes an escape with the help of a mole. This is the last fans see of Mr. White in this film, although originally this wasn’t the case.

The original ending has James, once again, track down White and shoot him down. The character would appear again in the following film, Spectre, so this scene’s inclusion would have ruined any further plans. The only positive this scene has is the iconic line “Bond … James Bond,” which is absent in the final cut of the film.

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