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5 Marketing Tips Before Going Live on Instagram

Live on Instagram

Video marketing is one of the best ways to gain popularity on social media. Using videos, you can engage a wider audience than with a post with the same content. On Instagram, you can create different types of video content.

You can post regular videos as a post or Story, Reels, IGTV clips, and go Live. Of these 4 options, Live streams are given the most priority on the Instagram algorithm. They appear before Stories on your audience’s feed, at the top left corner.

As it is the first thing that your followers will see on their feed, you will get higher engagement. To be able to gain more Instagram followers, you can use websites such as Viralyft, ViewsExpert, and SocialPackages.net. These sites help you to attract more viewers for your Live videos.

You can buy Instagram views from the same sites and boost your popularity in a short amount of time. Buy real likes and followers for the best results.

Want to be successful in making high engagement Live videos? You are at the right place.

In this article, we will share 5 marketing tips with you which will help you to set the stage for your Live video.

  1. Publicise Your Live Broadcast

Before you go Live, you need to ensure that your followers are well aware of the broadcast. To maximise the number of participants, you should post the details on your Instagram Story and other social media profiles as well.

To decide on the right time for your Live, check Instagram Insights for your page. Here, you will find data on the times that most of your audience is active. Choose this time as the time for your Live.

This will help attract those followers too who may not have seen your Pre-Live Story. It also creates a sense of hype around your broadcast as people will be curious to see what you have to show.

  1. Decide the Purpose of the Live

Depending on the type of Instagrammer you are, you must decide on your purpose of going Live. If you are a brand or business, you might want to show new products or what goes on behind the scenes.

On the other hand, if you are an Influencer, you could collaborate with other Influencers or business people for something like a talk show. You could also interact with your followers and respond to their questions and comments.

All this will help you to create a connection with your audience. If you are an artist, have a Live performance! In a post-pandemic world, this is the safest way to publicise your talents, and it even gives your audience a reason to enjoy.

  1. Create an Outline

Once you have decided on the purpose of your Live, you need to jot down what all you are going to cover. Do things that you cannot do on a simple post or Story. Entertain your audience so that they will want to come back for more.

This also helps you to prepare and not get nervous during the Live. Once you have a structure in mind, you just need to follow the steps and cover everything you want to. An outline works as an aid and can help you to avoid missing out on something.

If you are showing new products or carrying out a live interview, this step becomes even more important.

  1. Check Equipment

Having bad audio or video quality for a Live or any other form of video is a big turn off for your audience. Check all your equipment prior to having your show so that in case of any problems, you can either fix it or postpone your Live.

Keep your phone fully charged and clean your camera lens. You can also do a test live before the actual one to check if everything is working properly. In addition to audio and video, make sure you have good lighting around you.

Choose a bright place to hold your Live, with minimum disturbances so that you can keep your audience focused on what you have to say. Keep an aesthetically pleasing background so that you make a good impression on your audience.

  1. Prepare Well

Practice your Live well before you actually start streaming it. Be confident and remember to not fake anything. Be yourself. Check the setting for your Live on Instagram. Make sure you select the options to share it on Facebook and also to save it once you have finished streaming.

Also, allow sharing of your Live. This will let your audience share the Live stream with their followers, thereby increasing your reach on Instagram by many times. This also encourages new people to check out your page and become a follower.

There are multiple benefits to going Live on Instagram. It helps you to create a bond with your audience and lets them know the real you. It also works well with the Instagram algorithm and will promote your page faster than with regular posts.

Going Live builds relationships between you and your audience, and it keeps them interested in what you have to offer on social media. It also gives your page and brand a personality, which makes it easier to connect to.

Use Instagram Live to grow your presence on Instagram and make the most of it!

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