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5 Players Who Deserved To Be Blocked (& 5 That Didn’t)


Season 2 of Netflix’s experimental social media game show The Circle just wrapped up its 13-episode run. After multiple weeks of drama, deceit, and tricky gameplay, strategic catfish Deleesa Carrasquillo was named champion after playing as her husband Trevor for the entire season. For her efforts, Deleesa was awarded the $100,000 grand prize.

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During the 13 week competition, several players were blocked after failing to garner the requisite number of votes to stay in The Circle. Once a player is blocked, they’re asked to leave The Circle permanently. While certain players deserved to be blocked, others were eliminated as a means of pure strategy.

10 Emily (Jack Atkins) – Deserving

Jack Atkins in The Circle Season 2 promo

In stark opposition to eventual winner Deleesa, who constantly engaged her circle mates as her catfish alter ego Trevor, Jack Atkins barely interacted with the others has his catfish persona, Emily. As such, he felt like a sideline commentator for much of his time.

However, the real reason Jack deserved to be blocked as Emily was the dishonesty shown toward Savannah. Emily ensured that she had Savannah’s back but once Emily was voted as an influencer, she immediately voted to block Savannah.

9 Bryant Wood – Undeserving

Bryant Wood poses in The Circle Season 2 promo

While his bohemian lifestyle didn’t resonate with his fellow castmates, proud yogi Bryant Wood was far too sweet-natured and kindhearted to be blocked on the very first day.

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Oozing positive energy and uplifting vibrations, Bryant’s only real downfall was being too genuine and relying on his natural personality to win the other contestants over. Despite his authenticity, the professional breathing expert failed to immediately fit in with the other players and was unfairly eliminated before anyone got a chance to really know him.

8 Khat Bell – Deserving

Khat Bell sits on couch in The Circle Season 2

By her own admission, Khat’s highly competitive nature as a professional volleyball player proved to be her eventual downfall. Khat joined the show a few weeks into the competition and failed to keep her true emotions in check from the get-go.

The biggest reason Khat deserved to be blocked was the way she treated Chloe. Once Emily was eliminated, Khat believed that Emily visited Chloe to have a one-on-one conversation. However, when Chloe correctly denied that the visit ever took place, Khat attempted to convince the others that Chloe was a lying fake.

7 Lisa Delcampo (Lance Bass) – Undeserving

Lisa Delcampo poses in The Circle Season 2 promo

While she didn’t employ the craftiest strategy, Lisa Delcampo hardly deserved to be blocked along with Jack in the middle of the show. With a cooperative spirit who got along with the rest of the players, Lisa’s biggest downfall was choosing an unbelievable catfish persona.

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As Lance Bass’ longtime personal assistant, Lisa posed as the famous boy-band superstar while inside The Circle. However, the only person to believe her identity was River (Lee Swift). In the end, Lisa’s blockage was more of a numbers game than one born of unpopularity.

6 Mitchell Eason – Deserving

Shirtless Mitchell in The Circle Season 2

By unwisely allying with an at-risk player in Khat and waiting to unleash any sort of strategic gameplay until the final week of the competition, it’s a surprise that Mitchell Eason lasted as long as he did.

But the real reason he deserved to be blocked from the game was his inability to identify the catfish or The Joker in the house. Mitchell was too oblivious to function as a top player. Moreover, in direct opposition to the ultimate winner, Mitchell did not need the prize money that he vowed to give away to charity. The stakes weren’t high enough for Mitchell to stick around.

5 Savannah Palacio – Undeserving

Savannah Palacio poses in The Circle Season 2 promo

After being the number one Influencer during the inaugural episode, Savannah Palacio showed her duplicitous side when deliberating with Terilisha on who to block. However, that doesn’t mean she deserved to be blocked herself a day or so later.

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Despite her calculating strategy, Savannah remained a kind-hearted contestant who everyone loved. She was affable, engaging, and genuinely caring. It wasn’t until Terelisha deemed Savannah a threat to her own success that she conspired to have her eliminated from the show prematurely.

4 Terilisha – Deserving

Terilisha poses in The Circle Season 2 promo

Due to the aforementioned way she treated Savannah, the shade-throwing Terilisha deserved to be blocked as soon as she did. It was a mighty fall from grace one week after being crowned a top two Influencer in the Circle.

After winning votes due to her attractive profile, Terilisha’s true personality came out when she was forced to engage with the other contestants. In short order, Terilisha exposed her strategy of self-preservation at all costs and refused to trust any of her fellow players.

3 Courtney Revolution – Undeserving

Courtney shocked in The Circle Season 2

Courtney Revolution played such a brilliant game that he neither deserved nor was ever blocked during the 13-episode run. As one of the three finalists, Courtney did not need to rely on a catfish persona to earn third place. He remained himself the entire way.

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Courtney deftly handled his role as The Joker without being correctly identified. Moreover, he constantly voted with his head rather than his heart, even if it meant taking his loyal ally River down a peg or two in the process. With the eye constantly on the prize, Courtney played a near-perfect game.

2 John – Deserving

John's profile images in The Circle Season 2

Although he made to it the final five, the 64-year-old catfish John (Jack and Lisa) deserved to be blocked simply due to his limited time in the competition. Whereas the others scratched and clawed their way to the finals, John had to compete for a just couple of weeks.

Moreover, with two players acting as one, John never really developed a believable personality. As such, several other players suspected he was a catfish all along.

1 Deleesa Carrasquillo (Trevor) – Undeserving

Deleesa poses in The Circle Season 2 promo

Given her masterful manipulation en route to winning the $100,000 grand prize, at no point in the show did Deleesa ever deserve to be blocked. She convinced her contestants that she was really Trevor, her real-life husband with whom she has a baby daughter.

Deleesa was not only the most undeserving of blockage, but she was also the most deserving of the prize money. Her only misstep the entire way was painting an unflattering portrait of River. Beyond that, she excelled every step of the way.

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