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5 Ways to Run Instagram Ads Campaign Effectively

All around the world, businesses ranging from small enterprises to large businesses have started using online marketing in their advertising schemes and campaigns. There are many benefits in using online ad campaigns like they are very much cost-efficient and can be learned and understood easily. The components that majorly help the world in using online marketing are Social media and the Internet.  There are many tools and options available online that can help you develop your company in the marketing sector.

Social media, on the other hand, is the main push that helps companies reach millions of users and followers with just a click. Multiple social media platforms help brands in advertising, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, and of course, the most popular of them all, Instagram. This article provides you with a guide on how to run Instagram Ads Campaigns efficiently with a few tips. These latest ideas will help you gain engagement on Instagram and provide you wider reach too.

According to a user survey conducted by the US, over one billion people use Instagram every month, about fifty-three minutes a day. Millions of celebrities and influencers use it to promote themselves, their brand through collaborations and partnerships. Create strategies and have a walkthrough of the options given by Instagram in the area of marketing.

5 Ways to Run Instagram Ads Campaign Effectively

Choose your Ad Objective and your ad placements:

The first step in creating any new ad campaign is choosing the right objective behind the ad. Among the many different choices, the objectives are generally classified into Brand Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

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Brand Awareness-

Helps you bring general awareness about your brand and reach more users.

Consideration- Includes options like Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead generation, and Messages to know more about your reach and engagement rates.

Conversion- This section is widely used to increase sales, by promoting your business and converting more followers into purchasers. You can choose your ad objective and create ads based on that.

For different ad placements, different ad features are available, and using them is a good idea. You can choose Instagram-only Placements and that can assure you that your ads are running only on Instagram.

Target the right set of audience:

Whatever the campaign is or the brand denotes, targeting the right set of customers is always the key to the success of the business. There is an option available on Instagram which helps you to nail down the interests and behaviour of your audience.

Under the “Audience” option in Instagram, you can create a new set of audiences with the multiple segregating options available like Location, Age, Gender, Languages, Connections, and Detailed targeting includes Demographics, Interests, and Behaviour.

There are features where you can also create lookalike audiences with similar interests and save them. These settings will help you immensely to select the right audience among billions and analyze them to produce the right ad campaign for your product.

Decide your ad budget and Instagram ad format:

Sometimes, brand owners concentrate on the reach they gain and not the budget they spend. By using the “Budget and Schedule” option, you can have full reign over the money spent on the ads you run.

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There are ways where you can choose between a lifetime budget and daily budget. While the daily budget spends the amount allotted for every day, lifetime budgets can run for the amount of time you have set. You can schedule your ads according to your wish and time zones.

To upload the correct sized ads and format the sizes, you can use your ad creation dashboard to write and upload your ad content and publish it. The basic Instagram ad formats include stories ads, video ads, collection ads, carousel ads, and photo ads. Based on your objectives and brand requirements, you can choose the right ad format to create an eye-catching ad template that suits your content and to gain a wider reach.

Building your ads around the marketing strategy:

Every company’s marketing strategy may differ based on the products, budgets, and target audience. It is an absolute necessity to build your ads around your ad campaigns to gain engagement on Instagram.

Instead of following the general formats, make sure the ads you create follow your company’s marketing and brand strategy along with a call to action feature. Make sure it supports your brand premise and complements your campaign.

Use social media statistics, keywords, hashtags, and the latest trends:

When you want your content to appear in specific searches, usage of hashtags and keywords are preferred. By choosing the hashtags you choose, you decide the page on which your posts appear. The keywords you use are what decides the main theme of your content and it must be very much relevant to the product category, brand, and even the user interests. Try using social media statistics that can help you analyze your brand and the popularity of your campaign.

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Instagram Ad Campaigns and ways to develop them:

Instagram as a social media marketing platform, according to the US, has more than a following of 928 million people. Though its parent company is Facebook, it has more targeting options and effective strategies that are very much easier to implement. With just a couple of taps, you can utilize the various options and create an ad that can attract millions.

Managed right inside Facebook’s Ad Manager, Instagram has more than one million advertisers who access both the platforms and use features like Stories to gain views and shares of their content.

Summing Up

A social media platform that incorporates both organic and paid tactics, Instagram, as the US defines it, helps you engage with audiences by posting content on your feed to attract even a larger audience. It assists you to convert customers by knowing your demographics and they are very much cheap compared to the right column ads of Facebook. You can put money behind your posts to organically gain engagement on Instagram. Bottom line, you can measure the success of your company by the reach of your ads campaign and this can help you increase your sales traffic. Create the best ads and let the products attain a wider reach with just a click.


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