7 Best Minecraft Skins in 2020

7 best Minecraft Skins

Everyone loves customization. Be it to their phone case or their favorite gaming character. If you have been around for long, you probably know how popular Minecraft is. The game has been around for a decade now and has recently gained a lot of traction. With the introduction of new strategies and gaming layouts, the one new addition that has caught everyone’s attention are the best Minecraft Skins.

These let you customize and dress your character on Minecraft. With so many options available, choosing the best one suited for you can be a little confusing. It is no surprise that your favorite skin will depend on your preference and liking. But, don’t worry, we have sorted out some of the absolute best options for you here.

Best Minecraft Skins: Customize your avatar like a pro

1. Master Chief

Just the name has a lot of authority to it, doesn’t it? The best thing about this skin is the iconic suit that it features. It has a very greyish bluish tinge to it, which is pretty amazing, provided that you do have a liking for such figurines. The Master Chief Collection is soon going to be available on PC along with the release of Halo Infinite.

2. Geralt of Rivia

Unless you have played Minecraft for quite some time now, you’ll probably not know much about this one. There might be a little more time before we have Geralt exploring the new land, especially with the recent busy launch of Cyberpunk 2077. But, in the world of Minecraft, this has been progressing for the better eventually with the blocky landscapes that Witcher can eventually check out. This makes for the perfect skin in such situations.

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3. Solaire of Astora

Well, just the name itself is enough for you to understand that this screams warmth and the vibrancy of the Sun. It has the incandescent beauty of the Sun and let’s be honest, there is nothing better in the world than that. It is a very underrated Minecraft skin because of the unexciting approach to the look and feel it adds to the character but let’s be honest, it is likely one of the absolute best skins that you can opt for without any further thoughts.

4. Deadpool

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Deadpool Minecraft skin. It is cool and it is fun. It gives your character a edgy look while you explore around Minecraft City on a treasure hunt. It is likely everybody’s favorite and obviously, why wouldn’t it be? It allows your character to have dual-wielding skills, which is pretty impressive, might we add.

5. Batman

Another superhero Minecraft skin that is quite popular and has created quite the rave is the Batman skin. After Steve, this is likely the most popular skin available on Minecraft and that is saying something. It has everything that the actual superhero projects. From the iconic black speedos to the white and cold eyes that stare into nothingness. So, if you are a fan of Batman and like to indulge yourself every now and then, this is it.

6. Iron Man

Well, for the Marvel enthusiasts, Minecraft developers have taken care of your obsession by introducing the Iron Man skin. This one is a little more premium and over the top and is also the most expensive and priced suit in the lot. It can make you do things that the normal suit wouldn’t. It can make you feel like you’re the boss and it can also help you brush up your existing set of skills. The combination of the red and golden also hits differently.

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7. Goku

For the anime enthusiasts, Minecraft has got your back on that too. The character of Goku is quite interesting, provided that they are one of the strongest around. It only does fly in the creative mode, which is a bummer but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t regret spending your Minecraft points on this skin. It adds to your persona and makes you stand out from the rest. The yellow and orange jumpsuit does make you feel like you are about to complete this mission.

Minecraft Skins are equally popular as the game, so it isn’t surprising at all that gamers have been patiently awaiting the drop of the new skins that happen every week. These skins allow you to choose and transform your own avatar on Minecraft and have fun exploring the spot and the game around. The best thing about these skins is that they are updated every week. Not just that, everything is absolutely free as well. This means that you wouldn’t have to pay anything in excess when it comes to purchasing these skins. From recognizable characters to some of the unique options, there is quite a list that makes up for the same. So, switch to creative mode on Minecraft and live your life to the fullest.


Given how popular customization is and how popular Minecraft has gotten, choosing the right skins is crucial. Pick the one that best defines you and your preferences.

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