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A Phantom of the Opera Psychological Thriller Is In Development


A movie based on the popular book Phantom of the Opera is in development and is set to be a modern psychological thriller filled with new songs.

A movie based on the popular book and musical Phantom of the Opera is in development and is set to be a modern psychological thriller. The Gaston Leroux novel, Le Fantome de L’Opera, inspired the famous Broadway show, which has now been playing in theaters since 1986. It has become a widely known and beloved Opera popularized by its show-stopping musical numbers, memorable characters, and doomed romance. It spawned a live action film in 2004 starring Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler that went on to nab two Oscar nominations. The book may have been released in 1910, but its lasting impact has never waned.

Now Deadline is reporting that another film based on the book is in development. This new movie will be called Phantom and will be a modernized take on the story set in London’s contemporary music scene. The pic is said to be a psychological thriller in the same vein as Black Swan and Misery and will explore the destructive and dark romantic relationship originally depicted in Leroux’s novel. With this version of the story, the aim is to not romanticize the relationship but embrace the suspense and horror of it.

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Famed music producer, Scooter Braun, and James Shin will be creating new songs by partnering with today’s leading songwriters and music producers. This will not be the kind of film where the characters break into song spontaneously. Instead, the songs will come organically from within the storyline. Braun currently manages the likes of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato, so expect high profile talent to be involved in this Phantom of the Opera reboot.

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Bohemian Rhapsody’s Anthony McCarten will be writing the screenplay. Compelling Pictures’ Denis O’Sullivan & Jeff Kalligheri will be financing while SBP’s Scott Manson will be the executive producer. McCarten said that they’ve already got a list of potential Grammy-nominated artists to work on Phantom, so expect more developments soon.

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Source: Deadline

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