A Quick Recap of What Happened to Qi’ra in ‘Solo’

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Whereas Solo: A Star Wars Story was an general field workplace flop, it did handle to introduce a number of new characters, together with one fan favourite, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke). Though it is unlikely that we’ll be seeing a sequel to Solo anytime quickly, Qi’ra is reportedly coming again to the Star Wars universe with a cameo within the upcoming Obi Wan present. What occurred to Qi’ra that led her to cross paths with Obi Wan?

What occurred to Qi’ra in ‘Solo’?

After we first met Qi’ra, she was working alongside Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) for the White Worms gang on Corellia. Although the 2 tried to flee the gang and Corellia as an entire with a stolen vial of coaxium, Qi’ra was in the end caught, with Han escaping whereas promising to return again for her.

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Qi’ra was bought into slavery, ultimately ending up within the palms of Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany). Whereas Solo does not cowl what occurred to Qi’ra on this time, follow-up comics revealed that she tried to flee many occasions, which galvanized Vos.

He supplied her a spot as his lieutenant within the prison group Crimson Daybreak, so long as she divorced herself absolutely from her previous and private attachments, and pledged herself to him. She was skilled extensively in martial arts, and he marked her with the Crimson Daybreak image.

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When Han finds himself working to repay a debt to Vos alongside Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) and Beckett (Woody Harrelson), Vos sends Qi’ra together with them to make certain that they full their mission. The mission does not go in keeping with plan, however they do find yourself with the coaxium that Vos required that they purchase, after Han makes the storied Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

However Han finally ends up coming head to head with the Cloud-Riders, who he learns are a staff of rebels making an attempt to assist people who Crimson Daybreak and the opposite 5 crime syndicates terrorize. He is confronted with the tough determination to provide the coaxium to the Cloud-Riders or to Vos. Ultimately, it seems to be like his plan is to provide Vos faux coaxium and the Cloud-Riders the actual ones.

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However when Vos is given the vials of “coaxium,” he calls them out as being faux. Though Han thinks that Qi’ra turned him in, it is revealed that Beckett was the traitor. Beckett and Vos consider that Vos’ enforcers have caught the Cloud-Riders, who’ve the actual coaxium, however they quickly be taught that A) they caught decoy Cloud-Riders and empty vials and B) the actual Cloud-Riders had been ready for them. All of this results in Beckett realizing that these “faux” coaxium vials that Han gave to Vos had been the actual vials. 

Beckett steals the now-revealed-to-be-real vials, and Han and Qi’ra are left in a battle with Vos, with Qi’ra ultimately killing her former grasp. She tells Han to go after Beckett, saying that she might be proper behind him. Besides that she does not depart.

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As a substitute, she, alone on Vos’ yacht, calls Vos’ former superior — Darth Maul. After she informs him of what occurred, leaving Han out of the story, he orders her to take the ship to Dathomir, promising that the 2 of them might be working far more intently sooner or later.

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