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A Quiet Place 2 Cast & Character Guide

A Quiet Place 2 Cast

Warning! Minor spoilers ahead for A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II sees the return of the Abbott family following the tragic death of Lee, whose character was killed by the deadly, sound-hunting creatures. The sequel, which was written and directed by John Krasinski, reveals a few new characters, both major and supporting, as the Abbotts continue their journey towards safety. 

While Lee is gone in the sequel, new story elements and locations introduce the audience to people like Cillian Murphy’s previously elusive character. The film brings Lee back in a flashback that also reveals new and familiar characters from the town. A Quiet Place broke a lot of boundaries with regards to its use of American Sign Language as the primary form of communication and it continues on in the sequel, as Regan specifically branches out to find that which could save her family and others from the monstrous creatures wiping out the world. 

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A Quiet Place Part II is still focused on the Abbott family, but there are quite a few more characters in the film than there were in the original. Here are all the cast members, what else they’ve starred in, and the characters they’re playing in the sequel.

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John Krasinski as Lee Abbott

Lee died at the end of A Quiet Place, sacrificing himself to the creatures to save his children. He isn’t resurrected in the sequel, but he does appear in a flashback sequence at the beginning, which is set the day the creatures arrived on Earth. John Krasinski is a familiar face for many and he’s been in plenty of TV shows, most famously playing Jim Halpert in The Office and Jack Ryan in the Amazon series of the same name. He also starred in 13 Hours and voiced characters in BoJack Horseman and Robot Chicken. In addition to acting, Krasinski has taken to writing and directing, making his feature directorial debut with the dramedy The Hollars before co-writing and directing A Quiet Place and its sequel (which he penned on his own this time).  

Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott

Evelyn is the Abbott matriarch and wife of Lee. She was pregnant for most of the first film and spent the majority of A Quiet Place Part II ensuring the safety of her children, including her newborn baby. Emily Blunt has a plethora of acting credits to her name and the projects she’s been in showcase her range — from dramas, musicals, and action films. Blunt starred in The Devil Wears Prada, Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, Into the Woods, Looper, The Five-Year Engagement, The Muppets, and Mary Poppins Returns. The actress will next be seen starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in Disney’s Jungle Cruise

Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott

Regan is Evelyn and Lee’s deaf daughter whose hearing aid can amplify the sound of feedback the film’s creatures despise when in close proximity to a microphone. In A Quiet Place Part II, Regan sets out to find where a radio signal is coming from, believing there are more survivors out there. Millicent Simmonds starred in Wonderstruck, Andi Mack, and the TV movie Close Up

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Cillian Murphy as Emmett

a quiet place 2 review

Emmett is a new character introduced in A Quiet Place Part II. Before the creatures eradicated most of the human population, he was Lee’s friend and father to a son. Evelyn and her family cross paths with Emmett after 474 of the creatures’ arrival and he ends up aiding Regan on her mission to find more survivors. Cillian Murphy has had a long and storied career as an actor. He’s been in numerous films, including the sci-fi thriller Sunshine, Batman Begins, Inception, 28 Days Later…, Dunkirk, and The Dark Knight Rises. Over on the TV side, Murphy is most notable for starring as Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. 

Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott

Marcus is Regan’s brother and the son of Evelyn and Lee. He spends the majority of the movie taking care of his newborn sibling. Noah Jupe has had roles in several notable films and TV shows, including Downton Abbey, Ford v Ferrari, Honey Boy, and The Undoing. Jupe will next be seen in No Sudden Move

Djimon Hounsou as Man on Island

Djimon Honsou’s mystery character is a man who lives on the island Emmett and Regan find refuge on after realizing a new weakness about the monstrous creatures. He helps the pair out when they arrive. Honsou has had roles in a number of films like Gladiator, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Blood Diamond, Guardians of the Galaxy, In America, Furious 7, How to Train Your Dragon 2, 2019’s Charlie’s Angels, and Shazam!, among several others. He will next appear in The King’s Man and he also had a guest starring roles in Alias and Wayward Pines.

Scoot McNairy as Marina Man

Just when the Abbotts didn’t think there wasn’t anyone for miles, Emmett informs them that some people have pretty much turned feral. Marina Man is one of several who lives near the dock and attacks those who come by. Scoot McNairy has been in several popular films, including Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Gone Girl, 12 Years a Slave, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Argo. McNairy is also famous for some of his high-profile roles in Narcos: Mexico, True Detective, Halt and Catch Fire, and HBO Max’s Love Life.  

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A Quiet Place 2 Supporting Cast & Characters

Okieriete Onaodowan as Police Officer – The police officer is one of the townspeople where the Abbotts lived before the creatures attacked. The officer appeared in the flashback scene depicting the traumatic day the monsters arrived and started killing people by sound. Okieriete Onaodowan is perhaps most well-known for originating the role of Hercules Mulligan and James Madison in the Broadway musical Hamilton. He also stars as Dean Miller in Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Station 19. Onaodowan has also been in The Get Down and voiced the character of Mike in an episode of BoJack Horseman

Lauren-Ashley Cristiano as Emmett’s Wife – She appears briefly in a flashback, but is not present in the current timeline. A Quiet Place Part II is Lauren-Ashley Cristiano’s U.S. feature film debut.

Zachary Golinger as Emmett’s Son – Emmett’s son is seen in a flashback to the day the creatures arrive, sitting alongside his dad during a baseball game. The young actor has guest starred in the TV series Evil and Blue Bloods. He’s also been in several shorts. Golinger’s first major film role was in A Quiet Place Part II and he’ll next be seen in the film The Survivor.

Alice Malyukova as Marina Girl – Appearing alongside McNairy’s character, the young marina girl is also present during the attack on Emmett and Regan. Malyukova has only had two other roles outside of A Quiet Place Part II, appearing in an episode of Little America and the movie Payback

Dean Woodward as Beau Abbott – Beau was the four-year-old son of Evelyn and Lee who was killed by one of the creatures in the first film. He appears in the flashback scene in A Quiet Place Part II. This time he’s played by Dean Woodward, the real-life younger brother of Cade Woodward, who played Beau in the first film. The sequel is Woodward’s feature film debut. 

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Silas Pereira-Olson as Island Boy – As the name suggests, the actor plays one of the boys on the island Regan and Emmett journey to. He’s nearly attacked, but saved by one of the island’s adults. Silas Pereira-Olson has appeared in The Blacklist and the upcoming The Good House

Ashley Dyke as Woman on the Island – Another survivor who managed to make it safely to the island after the creatures arrived. Ashley Dyke has worked with Krasinski before on The Hollars. She also starred in Love 10 to 1 and 12 Years a Slave

Blake DeLong as Umpire – The umpire is present at the baseball game during the flashback scene, right before the creatures land in town. Blake DeLong was in When They See Us, Late Night, Tesla, and The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Gary Sundown as Island Person – Yet another survivor who made it to the island and welcomed Emmett and Regan when they arrived. Gary Sundown appeared in The New World, Black Hills, and Beyond the Call to Duty.

Cristalis Bonilla as Teen at Bar – Lee and Regan took refuge inside a bar right before the creatures attacked and Bonilla’s character was there, hiding under a table. Cristalis Bonilla has starred in Assault on VA-33 and several short films.

Barbara Singer as Woman in Store – An elder woman is watching the news about the creatures in the store when Lee walks in, unknowing that their lives are about to change for good. Barbara Singer has been in Private LifeGirls, and the TV series Little Voice

Wayne Duvall as Roger – Roger is a clerk at the local convenience store where Lee is shops. Wayne Duvall has been in The Trial of the Chicago 7The KitchenPrisoners, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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