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Age Of Calamity DLC Now Has A Disappointing Caveat

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Nintendo of America is now saying the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass’ first wave will only add a single new character to the game.

New information about the Expansion Pass for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity suggests it’s only adding one new character in its first wave of DLC. Announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct, previous wording led some to assume the Age of Calamity Expansion Pass would deliver more new fighters.

Details about the game’s DLC were sparse at first. Nintendo revealed fans who purchased the pass would receive a new costume and weapon for Link in May and that two waves of content would follow, the first coming in June and the second in November. The first wave will expand Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity‘s character roster, add new weapon types and challenging enemies, and introduce new challenges in the Royal Ancient Lab. The second wave will also expand the roster, as well as add character vignettes, new stages, and new battle abilities.

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On May 21, Nintendo of America revealed more about the DLC – with disappointing results. Link’s new items were confirmed, as he’ll receive the Ancient Soldier Gear and Guardian Sword from Breath of the Wild on May 28. The official Zelda website, linked in the reveal, continues to echo wording from the Expansion Pass’ initial announcement trailer, saying Wave 1 will include an “Expanded roster.” But an image included in the Nintendo of America tweet says differently, replacing that phrase with “Added playable character.

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If the first wave of the Hyrule Warriors Expansion Pass is only adding one character, the roster is technically being expanded, but the change in language still feels misleading. Age of Calamity is a Musou-style game, and these are known for having lots of characters. Given the “Expanded roster” wording (and characters suggested by an Age of Calamity datamine), many fans were expecting several new fighters to be added in the Expansion Pass. It’s possible the second wave could add more, but it’s still using the same vague “Expanded roster” term, so it could reasonably deliver only one character as well.

A single new character in the first wave of a $20 Expansion Pass feels like a poor value, especially compared to similar DLC passes in other Nintendo-published games. Age of Calamity might make up for it with lots of new content in other areas, but new characters are one of the main draws of DLC updates like this, especially for a Musou game. The game already has a big roster, so it hardly feels worth paying extra for just one more character.

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass Wave 1 is set to launch in June 2021.

Source: Nintendo, Nintendo of America/Twitter

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