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Al Roker teams up with Kevin Love to showcase Cleveland on Today

Al Roker teams up with Cleveland Cavaliers

CLEVELAND — Cleveland is really shining as NBC’s Today spotlights the city in its week-long “Reopening America” series.

After showcasing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Al Roker is now joining forces with Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers for a special feature Tuesday.

“As you know, Kevin is very vocal about mental health using his platform to fight the stigma that still surrounds it,” Roker said. “He’s going to share something new that he’s working on that he describes as a gym for your mental health. I could use that. I think we all could.”

That feature will air during the third hour of Today. But that’s not all… Roker said Today will also highlight what’s happening at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

“It is really an amazing place, and it’s being run by women,” Roker said. “They’re going to be part of the group that puts the first woman on the moon.”

Roker himself was in Cleveland at WKYC Studios all morning Monday as he helped co-anchor our 6 a.m. GO! newscast — and he can’t wait to come back.

“Next time I’m in, we have to go to E. 4th and hit some of those restaurants,” Roker told 3News’ Hollie Strano on Tuesday morning.

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