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All 6 Friends Cast Members Have Only Been Together Twice Since Finale


Schwimmer says the Friends cast has only been in the same room twice since the series finale back in 2004, even though they are all still connected.

David Schwimmer says that the six main cast members of Friends have only been in person together twice since the series ended in 2004. Friends aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004, yet the series still holds a strong place in the hearts of many of its fans. The series focuses on six people living in New York City, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. Due to syndication, the series continues to air on a variety of networks, such as TBS, and is available to stream on HBO Max.

The popularity of the show has only continued to grow over the years. Fans are able to resonate with how genuine the characters seem and how well the cast is able to play off one another in each episode. With the show still growing in popularity, HBO Max greenlit a reunion to be aired exclusively on their streaming network on May 27, 2021.

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In a recent interview with People, the cast talks about how their friendship evolved through the filming of the show, as well as how it had continued to grow over the years. Schwimmer revealed that even though they were still close with one another, the six of them have only been in a room together twice since the series finale. Schwimmer stated:

We’ve only been together once I believe nine years ago in the same room until yesterday. So in the 17 years since we’ve wrapped, we’ve seen each other like you know one or two people or I know the girls get together often, but the whole cast hasn’t been together in quite some time.

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LeBlanc goes on to talk about how, even though so much time has passed, they all have a relationship where they can pick up where they left off as if no time has gone by. Even though there has been a gap with the six being in the same place, the cast are no strangers to working with one another. Aniston appeared on Cox’s show, Dirt, back in 2007, Cox appeared on Perry’s Go On in 2013, and Schwimmer appeared on LeBlanc’s Episodes, just to name a few. There is a realness to their friendship that may not be close in proximity, but is still close in their hearts.

With the reveal that the cast has not been together very often, the importance of the reunion only grows. Fans have been calling for a reunion for years, missing the characters that they have come to adore and the cast who brought them to life. Now that the release date is approaching, many are rewatching or streaming the series to prepare themselves to head back to Central Perk for a final hoorah. The series holds up fairly well, and some of the jokes continue to resonate with the audience. With the bond the cast has formed and maintained, the reunion should easily be able to rekindle the joy the series brought, while at the same time give depth to the growth the friends have had throughout the years.

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Source: People

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