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Amiad extends filtration distribution deal with Netafim

Amiad Water Systems, as you know is one of the largest providers of irrigation systems in the world, has recently signed a new five-year Global distribution agreement with Netafim while covering the company’s disc filtration products for the irrigation market.

It is sure that Netafim will be able to have some of the exclusive distribution rights to the Amiad’s discs. The Netafim will have all the distribution rights to the Amiad’s disc filtration products in the global irrigation market. In order to continue to meet certain thresholds in the Netherlands.

You must surely know about the Amiad and Netafim, as they are one of the most popular providers. Amiad is a leading global producer of filtration and water treatment solutions. Recently, Amiad did announce that it will be signing up the agreement of five years of global distribution with Netafim.

On the other hand, Netafim is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of precise irrigation systems and the world’s biggest irrigation companies. There will surely be so many benefits if the agreement between the Netafim and Amiad will be on. So both the popular companies are hoping to have a joint partnership with the five-year agreement between them.

Amiad will be providing green solutions that are cost-effective only for irrigation and industrial purposes. But in these global markets, it is unique and high-quality products to which the core systems for lake industries water filter and water treatment. It also will include the micro irrigation and membrane protection, wastewater and potable water treatment, cooling systems, and sea-water filtration system. The comprehensive network of distributors to customers in more than 80 countries through ten subsidiaries.

The two companies already have an existing long-term strategic relationship for a better future in the global irrigation market. On 1st January 2021, the new agreement will begin after following the expiry of the current agreement. It seems like the current agreement will be ending soon in the later of 2020. This latest agreement will be providing Amiad with continuous access to Netafim’s wide range of distribution networks. Netafim’s broad distribution network is surely covering more than 110 countries.

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The CEO of Amiad surely have some things to inform to all the enthusiasts and market players. “We have been working with Netafim for many years and we are delighted to be extending our collaboration and mutual commitment,” said Dori Ivzori, CEO of Amiad.

Dori Ivzori continues, “Netafim’s leading position within the market and extensive global network make them an excellent partner and channel for the marketing of our existing products as well as for the launch of new products. Netafim is a strategic partner for Amiad and we look forward to continuing to be a part of enhancing their offering to their customers for improved irrigation system performance.”

Gaby Miodownik, CEO of Netafim also represents his thoughts by saying, “The renewal of the agreement with Amiad is a vote of confidence in their disc filtration technology and the value it can bring to our customers,”

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