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Among Us: Best Airship Mods To Make The Map Better

Among Us Airship What Mods Are Best For The New Map

Among Us has a large and active modding community, so it’s no surprise fans have come up with many mods specifically for the Airship map.

Among Us massive popularity has lead to the emergence of a large and active modding community. When the Airship map was released for the game in March 2021, it didn’t take modders very long to figure out how to improve it. There are now several Among Us Airship mods that can make the map’s gameplay more exciting.

Among Us mods cover everything from massive gameplay changes – like those in Among Us‘ Town of Us mod, which adds multiple new roles to the game – to purely cosmetic changes, like giving players more colors or hats to choose from. The majority of these mods are public and can be installed on PC, but there are some private mods out there to be utilized only in specific servers. With Among Us‘ next big update promising to make some significant changes, including several new colors and the ability to have up to 15 players per lobby, modders will more than likely have their hands full with new creations.

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Since the Airship’s release, fans have had plenty of time to get acquainted with it, and many agree it’s Among Us‘ most difficult map. The fact that it adds several gameplay mechanics not seen in previous levels accounts for part of this difficulty, but the size of the Airship is also a factor; it’s huge, and since only 10 players can be added to the game at a time, this means spreading out further to accomplish tasks. That, in turn, makes it more difficult for the Impostor to successfully find and kill crewmates. The two best Airship mods aim to fix that.

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Among Us Airship Mods – Vent Digger

Among Us' Airship: What Mods Are Best For The New Map

The Vent Digger Among Us mod adds a new button for Impostors, “Create Vent,” that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. These newly created vents automatically link together, which improves the Impostor’s ability to travel around the Airship quickly while not altering the original gameplay too drastically, giving the Impostor a much needed edge over the crewmates.

Among Us Airship Mods – Infinite Kill Range

Among Us' Airship: What Mods Are Best For The New Map

Similarly, the Infinite Kill Range Among Us mod aims to make the game easier for Impostors – and thus more challenging and engaging for other players. Impostors now have the ability to teleport at random to the location of any crewmate on the Airship in order to kill them, dramatically upping the stakes of the game. Among Us players looking to make the Airship more exciting should check out these mods in order to give the Impostor a real sense of danger.

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