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Anakin’s Biggest Clone Wars Mistake Almost Killed Luke

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In Star Wars Legends, Anakin Skywalker’s difficult decision during the Clone Wars almost got his son Luke killed years later on the planet Jabiim.

In Star Wars Legends, Anakin Skywalker once made a mistake during the Clone Wars that would affect his son Luke Skywalker years later during the Galactic Civil War. One of the most epically tragic battles of the Clone Wars that never made it to the official canon was the Battle of Jabiim, an extremely long campaign on a planet of unending rain and mud, which featured heavy casualties of clones and Jedi alike. Near the battle’s end, Anakin was forced to make a hard choice, and it was one that his son nearly paid for with his life decades later in the Star Wars timeline.

During the Battle of Jabiim, the Republic and Separatists had allied themselves with the clashing sides of the planet’s ongoing civil war, with Count Dooku promising his droid armies to the Jabiimi rebels led by the lethal warrior Alto Stratus in exchange for exclusive mining rights to the planet’s valuable ore. As a result, the Republic forces were soon overrun, and many Jedi died thanks to Stratus and his brutal tactics. Not only that, but Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was believed to have been killed during the campaign as well (though he was actually kidnapped by Asajj Ventress). Soon, Anakin Skywalker was left as the last Jedi commander standing, and he was faced with an extremely difficult choice near the battle’s end that the Republic was clearly losing.

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While Chancellor Palpatine eventually sent evacuation transports, there was only enough for either the surviving clone forces, or the Jabiimi fighters who fought with them and remained loyal to the Republic. With the Republic’s forces already stretched thin across the galaxy, Anakin decided to take his troops and leave the planet. Naturally, the Jabiimi people saw this as an ultimate betrayal, cursing the Republic and the name Skywalker as Anakin left the planet to its fate, filled with immense regret. While this storyline took place in Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: Republic from Haden Blackman and Brian Ching, Star Wars: Empire saw the Rebellion seeking to support Jabiim in its fight against the Imperials years later in an arc from Thomas Andrew and Adriana Melo, and the Jabiimi people nearly executed Luke when they learned his last name was Skywalker.


This Dark Horse crossover between its two runs was incredibly dynamic, serving as some strong connective tissue between the prequel and original trilogies of films. Not only did Luke Skywalker learn some harsh new truths about his father in Star Wars: Empire, but he was eventually given the opportunity to redeem his father’s actions and the name Skywalker on Jabiim by the storyline’s end. However, the arrival of Darth Vader resulted in the Empire’s devastating bombardment of the planet, as the Dark Lord remembered his past as Anakin Skywalker, wanting to rid himself of the pain and regret of how he once abandoned those he fought alongside.

While both Battles of Jabiim are now defined as Star Wars Legends and didn’t make the cut for the official canon under Disney, they’re still incredible tales all the same that all fans should know about. Not only that, but all the stories told in Star Wars: Republic and the subsequent Star Wars: Empire are extremely dynamic and noteworthy pieces of Star Wars content regardless of their canonical status.

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