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Andrew Mocked for Receiving Teacher Appreciation Gift

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Andrew Kenton showed off the yummy cookies he got as a teacher appreciation gift. Some fans argued that he shouldn’t call himself a teacher.

Andrew Kenton of 90 Day Fiance is getting dragged by fans for calling himself a teacher and showing off the teacher appreciation gift he got. Some fans think that he works in a daycare, which isn’t a school, so he should stop calling himself a teacher and offend the people who are actually educators. 90 Day Fiance viewers share a love-hate relationship with Amira Lollysa’s ex-boyfriend. A few days back, he received tons of compliments for dropping a massive 100 pounds in a span of a few months.

He posted a shirtless photo on Instagram, which showed off his well-defined and tight shoulder muscles. He has lost all the extra fat from his face, abdomen, and arms. The messy breakup with Amira proved to be a blessing in disguise for Andrew. He worked on himself and now has an unexplainable glow on his face. Or perhaps it’s just a photo filter. He was praised for making healthy lifestyle choices and not giving up. The daycare dude also got a few flirty messages from female fans. However, he has again done something, which has upset some 90 Day Fiance fans.

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Andrew posted a picture of a box of cookies on his Instagram Story. He flaunted the teacher appreciation gift and thanked the entire community for showing him love and support during teacher appreciation week. He also used the song Teacher’s Pledge in the background. But, his IG Story irked many fans, especially people who are licensed teachers in schools. A fan wrote (via Reddit), “He isn’t a teacher. He only has that job because of his mother.” Another fan said his daycare isn’t a preschool and added, “He calls it a preschool, but they are only licensed as a home-based daycare.

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Some fans think that nobody gifted Andrew these cookies, and he bought them himself to show off on Instagram. Or his mom gave him. However, a few fans argued that Andrew might be a “Clown” or “horrible” human being; he is a teacher to the kids that come to his daycare. A fan who claimed to have a preschool background commented, “Think what you want about Andrew but people who work in preschools ARE absolutely teachers.” After watching Andrew’s rude and offensive actions on 90 Day Fiance, many viewers are shocked why some parents are willing to send their kids to his daycare.

They think Andrew shouldn’t be allowed around kids because his “toxic” actions can influence their minds. An angry critic said, “leaving your kids with this greasy a** dude is disgusting.” Daycare employees aren’t usually licensed teachers, but kids spend a significant amount of their time with them. They guide young minds, help them learn new things, and oversee their development. The 90 Day Fiance celeb Andrew may be called a teacher even though some fans don’t find it appropriate.

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