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Android RCS Messaging Is Now Available To Download

Android RCS Messaging

Everyone is a good fan of Apple’s iMessage service, whether it’s Android or iOS user. Without any doubt, we should say that iMessage is the best messaging service by Apple. Hence, Android users also wanted it on their devices for a decade.

Finally, Google has taken the initiative to fill its users’ requirements by releasing the Apple iMessage like new messaging protocol service called “RCS” (Rich Communication Services). RCS is the excellent alternatives to the mostly used text messaging protocol SMS or short message service, which wasn’t good enough to compete against Apple iMessage.

We know that the SMS services don’t support read receipts, group messaging, or the animated stickers, just like we have options in widely used apps like WhatsApp, FB Messanger, Instagram, WeChat, and more. The SMS service also depends on your Carriers connection and also has a limit of 160 characters in a single message. Still, it 781 billion text messages sent every month and more than 9.3 trillion texts per year in the United States as the number claimed from the Statistic Brain in 2017.

Considering all the limitations of SMS service, Google launched the RCS app for every Android user around the world. Hence, this new RCS app will allow you to group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images, and more like Apple’s iMessage have had. Also, you can even read receipts and see when someone is replying to your message in real-time, just like WhatsApp and other messaging services.

Talking about the release and availability of the RCS service, the RCS App is now already available to Android users in the USA, and Google is rolling out soon for other users from all over the world. Even RCS also works with Samsung’s messaging app on Galaxy phones.

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If you are iOS user and wondering whether you can use the RCS App or not, then let me tell you that you can SMS chat on Apple devices, but RCS chatting isn’t available. There is no news about the RCS app for iOS devices. But maybe it will also soon roll out for Apple devices as well.

To use the RCS app on Android, you have to download any to use. You have to update your phone’s carrier services app to get started using the RCS service on Android phones.


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