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Annie Murphy Asks Dan Levy For Schitt’s Creek Movie Every Day

Alexis And David In Schitts Creek

Annie Murphy wants a Schitt’s Creek movie so badly she says she sends her former onscreen sibling Dan Levy a $5 a day bribe to make it happen.

Annie Murphy asks her former co-star Dan Levy to make a Schitt’s Creek movie every day. Father-son duo Dan and Eugene Levy created the comedy series about a wealthy family of four who lose all their money and are forced to move to their final asset: a small town called Schitt’s Creek. The Levy boys mirrored reality in the show, co-starring on the CBC series as Johnny and David Rose, father and son. Johnny’s wife (and now entertainment icon) Moira Rose was expertly played by Catherine O’Hara, while Murphy rounded out the family as bubbly daughter Alexis Rose.

The series premiered in 2015 and was a sleeper hit, starting with a modest following. By the time their sixth and final season aired in 2020, the show had risen to pop culture phenomenon status. In its concluding year, Schitt’s Creek bowed out with a record-breaking 15 Emmy nominations. The show took home nine trophies, with the Levys, O’Hara, and Murphy sweeping all four acting categories. Despite the series wrapping up in a glorious black-and-white bow, diehard fans were left wanting more. And so was the tight-knit cast.

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While promoting her new campaign with Tide, Annie Murphy told Us Weekly that she’s ready for the Roses to reunite onscreen. The Emmy-winner jokingly revealed that she’s been attempting to bribe Dan Levy every day since the series wrapped. Murphy told the publication:

“I mean, I’ve been sending Dan $5 a day in the mail as a bribe. So far, I have not heard back about a movie officially. But, oh, my God, I would be just over the moon if that ever came to pass because I miss everyone so much every day.”

Schitts Creek Finale Easter Eggs Featued Image

Murphy added that she’d want a movie to happen so that she could see O’Hara as Moira again. The actress also fired off some potential storylines for a film adaption, including the possibility of David and Patrick (Noah Reid), who got married in the final episode, adopting a child. However, she doesn’t think her character Alexis would be ready to parent quite yet.

On the other hand, the 34-year-old talent does believe Alexis will settle down one day. Murphy thinks Alexis’s on-again, off-again beau Ted (Dustin Milligan) is still endgame despite leaving the series single. She elaborated that while they let each other go to follow their respective dreams, they seem like a pair that would ultimately find their way back to each other.

Cast members and fans alike hope to find their way back to Schitt’s Creek. Murphy certainly isn’t the only person to work on the beloved show to voice her desire for more. Even the aforementioned creator, Dan Levy, dreams about the tv family coming back together in film form. So what’s the holdup? Levy says he’s waiting for the right idea and time. It’s certainly an understandable stance. Of course, when you have chemistry as electric as the Rose family and their quirky towny friends, it’s likely any reunion will prove to be a top-notch one. Fingers crossed, bébés.

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Source: Us Weekly

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