Apex Legends’ season 14 lobby hides a big Titanfall Easter egg in plain sight

Apex Legends' season 14 lobby hides a big Titanfall Easter egg in plain sight

Actually, most issues in Apex Legends are an Easter egg or homage to the Titanfall video games. Set within the universe that Respawn launched to the world with its fast-paced, mech-battling shooter, most of Apex’s characters and worlds have some type of tie-in to the video games that got here earlier than it. A few of these are apparent, just like the Williams siblings’ service within the IMC through the Frontier Struggle or the truth that Apex gamers truly see Kuben Blisk each now and again.

Different references to the Titanfall video games are broader and are there for background and constructing out the world. And a few, just like the foyer in season 14, are cleverly disguised.

The brand new foyer in season 14 is a bit bit completely different from earlier seasons. Often, the foyer design is reflective of the brand new legend getting into the sport or relies on the map or map modifications launched with the brand new season. This season, nonetheless, the foyer will not be Kings Canyon and it doesn’t appear to be influenced by Vantage’s hunter design, both. As an alternative, the foyer places you in a jail, with cell blocks and a shadowy determine pacing nervously behind the glass.

The jail and prisoner is a transparent reference to Vantage’s mom, Xenia Contreras, who’s at the moment imprisoned and is the primary purpose Vantage joins the Apex Video games. The shadowy determine behind the glass, nonetheless, will not be Xenia Contreras in any respect, however a personality mannequin asset that seems to be re-used from a unique sport.

Information miner KralRindo brings the character out into the entrance of the foyer for gamers to see, and judging by his design, the determine seems to be a personality mannequin taken from Titanfall 2. In that sport’s marketing campaign, a mission referred to as “Impact and Trigger” sends protagonists Jack Cooper and BT to an deserted facility, the place they uncover a way for Cooper to journey ahead and backward in time. When Cooper travels again in time, he finds himself in a number of rooms with scientists wearing the very same uniform as the person behind the glass in Apex’s new foyer. 

It’s not terribly stunning to see the sport re-use property from earlier titles for the means of manufacturing a shadow behind a glass, and this probably isn’t indicative of a significant narrative improvement within the sport.

For those who’re in search of a smoking gun, nonetheless, it’s this: the ability that Cooper and BT journey to seems to be an ARES facility, the place the place the IMC found the Fold Weapon from Titanfall 2. In Apex, there may be one character with a significant tie-in to the ARES Division. Wraith was a senior science pilot for ARES earlier than lab experiments on her erased her reminiscences, which she’s tried to chase down since. Close to the conclusion of season 13’s quest, Household Secrets and techniques, Wraith encountered a mercenary preventing with The Forgotten Households that appeared to know her from her time in ARES, and the mere sight of Wraith lowered the mercenary to a shivering mess, fleeing the combat fully.

Possibly, this character mannequin was merely the simplest solution to full the brand new foyer for season 14. But it surely additionally occurs to be a fairly cool Easter egg, and the truth that Wraith simply acquired extra lore concerning her time in ARES just a few weeks in the past makes the presence of an ARES scientist within the season 14 foyer a bit bit conspicuous.

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