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Apex Legends Threatens Bans For Players Who Abuse “Ghost Rock”

Apex Legends Ghost Rock

After Apex Legends players reported a game-breaking glitch, Respawn has promptly fixed it, promising bans for bug abusers even post-factum.

A game-breaking texture glitch has been recently discovered in Apex Legends, but Respawn Entertainment has already promised bans for players who dared to abuse the exploit. A different yet equally annoying bug happened in the game a few days ago when players stumbled upon a completely vanished map.

The recent Apex Legends world map glitch resulted in a completely missing playable area at the start of a battle royale round. Once the match started, players discovered they had nowhere to land since pure nothingness was waiting for them below. The entire lobby was trapped in an almost endless skydiving sequence, although gamers were gradually dying after hitting invisible borders of the missing world. The worst part of the whole experience was the fact it happened in a ranked match, making players lose precious RP.

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Apex Legends’ Legacy season has introduced another exploit that allowed players hiding in the rock, and those who abused the glitch would get banned, according to Respawn’s post on Twitter. The notorious exploit was discovered a few days ago on the Apex Legends Arenas’ map Phase Runner. According to the most recent report, courtesy of Void-Ultiking on Reddit, a “ghost rock” was located near the portal’s exit, allowing players to hide inside of it and attack their unsuspecting opponents. Although a hotfix had to be postponed due to technical difficulties, it has finally gone live today. According to Respawn’s John Larson, Associate Live Balance Designer on Apex Legends, the issue has been effectively dealt with. However, the developer encourages players to send them direct messages containing information about glitch abusers who might still be punished post-factum for what they did.

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The previous update for Apex Legends introduced a few balance changes to some popular weapons, particularly to the Bocek bow, which some players found overpowered. Bocek adjustments included reduced damage output and slightly increased charge time. On top of that, Respawn decided to nerf Spitfire making it deal less damage per shot and contain fewer bullets in a purple/gold magazine. The very same update was supposed to fix the “ghost rock” issue, although it had to be delayed for a day, as previously highlighted.

Although hugely annoying, the latest rock glitch in Apex Legends isn’t something revolutionary new for the game. Things like that happened several times before, and one of the most infuriating examples dates back to Season 3 when a similar ghost rock allowed whole squads to hide inside of it. Luckily, Respawn didn’t hesitate to fix the most recent glitch as soon as possible, openly communicating with players and keeping them up to date. That’s a sign of great live support, aimed at providing the best experience for the community.

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Source: Respawn Entertainment/Twitter, Void-Ultiking/Reddit

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