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Apollo 11 Navy frogmen reunite to discuss historic day

Navy frogmen who recovered Apollo 11 astronauts reunite to discuss historic day

Fifty-two years after recovering the Apollo 11 astronauts and capsule, the four Navy frogmen who took part in the historic mission reunited for the first time.

The men visited the Armstrong Air and Space Museum to meet the public and talk about that day, July 24th, 1969. The reunion was part of the Summer Moon Festival, in Neil Armstrong’s hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

It also marked the first time that all of Clancy Hatleberg, Wes Chesser, Mike Mallory and John Wolfram have been together since 1969. In this WKYC Studio digital video, the group talks about the training, sharks, souvenirs, and hippie flowers on wetsuits.

You can watch the extended interview in the video player above or the YouTube player below.

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