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Apple introduced a cheaper annual subscription plan for Apple Arcade

Apple has introduced roster new services in the last few years. The last two quarter-final results of the company this year show that the earning of Apple has increased from its various services. Apple, which used to known as only iPhone Company for the last several years has changed itself in many ways and has proved its more than that. Apple Music, iTunes, Podcasts, and iCloud were already in the market but in 2019 only we saw Apple’s prominent services i.e. Apple News+, credit service Apple Card, online streaming service Apple TV+, and gaming service Apple Arcade.

Unlike its other products, Apple’s services are not that expensive. But Apple wants to increase the subscribers for its all the services. Apple is expecting to reach 500 million subscribers to its all services in the next 5-6 years. So to driving more customers to its services Apple is trying multiple approaches. Recently Apple has put out a new discounted plan for Apple Arcade for the annual subscription. The monthly plan for the gaming service costs $4.99 when it was launched in September and if the user wants to opt for the annual plan then it costs $49.99. So users can save up to $10 in the annual subscription of Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service from the company and it offers over 100 games from big developers in the gaming universe. Apple Arcade supports all Apple devices like iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV. Many of the games have already made an impact on the users while some were received with a lukewarm response. But overall the service has got a good response from the perspective of the service, budget, and games.

For the last couple of years, Apple wanted to make a service or an App Store dedicated to games. There Apple Arcade was made with the purpose of the company to offer games only as not all the games were easily discoverable. Plus, games from other developers are costly and some were nit up to the standard of the company so Apple Arcade was made to offers all the games at a single price which carries high-quality gameplay experience.

Apple first introduced the service in its March event this year but no final release date was revealed. According to the reports, Apple began the plan of developing the gaming service since the development of iOS 12 but Apple Arcade came this September along with iOS 13. So it could have more impact and powerful performance by offering premium-quality games for all the Apple devices. At the revelation of the service, Apple told that they have hired all the big developers to render premium-quality games for which Apple would get a cut.

So if you have tried the service and you liked it then you can opt for its annual plan and you can save up to $10. Similarly, Apple is offering access to Apple TV+ with the Apple Music student subscription plan. Some reports also claim that Apple will offer a service bundle package that will include all the services at a single price and this would be more awesome like Amazon Prime.

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