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Apple Music Voice Plan: Everything you need to know

Apple always surprises its consumers with news every year and during the fall season. It announced the new processors named M1 Pro and M1 Max, new Macbook Pros, and AirPods 3. Along with it, Apple also introduced a budget-friendly edition of Apple Music Voice Plan.

This plan is priced at an amount that costs half of the individual Apple Music subscription. Moreover, it still allows you to listen from the library of ninety million tracks.

At 49 rupees per month, while Apple Music costs 99 rupees a month, and the family plan at 149 rupees a month. The Apple Voice Plan can be controlled by giving commands to Siri for playing anything, just like it does within Apple Music.

Curious to know more? Keep scrolling the page the know about every single detail about this plan.

What is Apple Music Voice Plan?

The Apple Music Voice Plan is a new less costly version of Apple Music. All of its features are quite similar to the expensive version other than the cost as it has the same music library. The plan could be played on any of the Apple devices that were meant to play music like AirPods, iPads, etc.

It is also subscription-based and can be used over voice command. It doesn’t have spatial audio though. Just like Apple Music, it would also be free of advertisement


What are the limitations?

The price at which Apple has presented the new plan seems a bit alluring, but there’s a con. It can be used only by giving voice commands by using Siri and your voice. When a new subscriber uses it, it will have a different section named Just Ask Siri, where one can learn how to control it using voice commands.

Also, the quality of the music might not be as good as the older one. Another con is that you cannot download tracks and listen to them offline like it is possible with the other one. Unlike the family version, each person will need separate accounts to listen to music.

 How much do I have to pay for the Voice Plan?

In India, Apple Music Voice set the price at forty-nine rupees a month. Apple Music usually prices Rs ninety-nine a month for people or a hundred and forty-nine rupees a month for families. A reduced price for college students is offered at rupees forty-nine a month.

Where is the plan available?

The Apple Music Voice Plan can be obtained later this month in seventeen different countries across the globe and they are India, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the USA

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Is there a trial available?

Yes. Apple Music will allow the nonsubscribers to try it for 7 days of the Apple Music Voice Plan with no auto-renewal. After that, you subscribe to it and need to pay every month for using it.

Which devices support the new Apple Music Voice Plan?

The Apple Music Voice Plan can work with any Apple device that supports voice commands over Siri. It works with iPhones, iPods, AirPods, all the recent Macs, HomePods, Apple TV, and CarPlay.

What’s the purpose behind this new feature?

The purpose of this application was to increase the use of Siri. This also allows people to listen to their favorite artists and songs at a lower rate, which in the first place didn’t want to pay the price of the original one. It will also increase its profits by a few percentages and also help in making the Apple assistant, Siri more accurate.

The Bottom Line

This is all about the Apple Music Voice Plan. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Feel free to connect with us if you have any queries. Our team would love to assist you.

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