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Apple releases latest smart battery cases for iPhone 11 series

rsz iphone smart battery case

Apple today released the latest Smart Battery phone cases designed for it’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro, as well as 11 Pro Max. These cases are now available to be ordered from the online store by Apple for a price tag of $129. Earlier during the fall season, reports came in of Apple’s plan to launch the Smart Battery phone cases. The factor unique with this year’s collection of cases is the dedicated slot for the camera button, which can auto-launch the application for the use of Camera. If you happen to turn your phone horizontal for the shot, your index finger in the right hand naturally rests right at the location of the button, allowing you to click the picture without any issues or film a video.

Apart from the latest camera button, this design for the Smart Cases for the year 2019 is particularly identical to the past years. These cases have been created from a silicone material that is soft to touch with a lining of microfiber towards the inside that helps protect the iPhone. So, what are the different types of improvements in the battery life that you can expect from these Smart Cases? Apple mentions that users can easily expect around 50 percent longer life for the battery when it is completely charged.

Apart from that, these Smart Cases are fully compatible with the wireless chargers of the Qi make. This suggests that you can easily charge your battery case as well as iPhone in a simultaneous manner. In addition to this, there is the lightning port created for charging with standard wires, along with USB-PD support for fast charging.

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Apple isn’t actually the very first company that offers battery cases designed for iPhone 11. This is due to the fact that the market already came with offerings provided by companies such as Mophie. However, most users prefer the first-party Apple cases due to the unique pattern of integration offers with iOS. This includes the ability for noticing the exact battery level present via the phone’s lock screen & through a widget.

The Apple Battery Cases can be purchased in 3 different colors, which include white, black, as well as pink. They are available for purchase at $129 and can be used with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, as well as 11 Pro Max. The first smart case orders are set to be available by Monday, dated 25th November.

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