Are Natasha Dr. Joe the Next “It” Couple on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

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This article contains spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

After Natasha Parker was blindsided by the Pieper James and Brendan Morais pre-show romance debacle on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, fans were hoping that the podcast host would soon find love on the beach.

When Dr. Joe Park, who appeared on Clare Crawley/Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, arrived to Paradise, he immediately pulled Natasha for a chat.

Though he did ask Peter Weber’s ex on a date, it soon became clear that Dr. Joe’s existing friendship with Brendan would make it difficult for him to forge a relationship with Natasha.

Keep reading for the refresher on their slightly-awkward dinner date, and to see some of the best tweets and memes about it.

Natasha liked Dr. Joe’s “calm energy” on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ but his friendship with Brendan was a curveball.

When the anaesthesiologist first walked down in Week 5, Natasha admired his “calm energy.” The two briefly chatted before Dr. Joe asked Natasha on the date.

During their dinner Dr. Joe asked Natasha why she was unattached. Though she didn’t want to go in too much detail, Natasha briefly discussed her past situation with Brendan.

“I do know you and Brendan are close…” Natasha began. “If I am going to be honest, he really almost ruined this whole experience for me.”

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Dr. Joe was shocked.

“Brendan? My Brendan?” he responded, and things only got worse from there.

The New Yorker briefly mentioned how Brendan’s pre-show involvement with Pieper affected her.

“It just seemed like he was waiting for her to come and, by doing that, completely jeopardized this experience for me,” the Click Bait host shared.

Dr. Joe then acknowledged that he knew Brendan and Pieper had something going on, but he didn’t think they were “dating-dating” before the show.

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In his confessional, Dr. Joe said that it was “unfortunate” that his close friend had been the one to “hurt” Natasha.

Back at the date, he said that the two were in “no rush,” and he seemed to shut down any and all possibilities of a romance.

“When I told him who I had been talking to on the beach, everything changed. I could just see the conflict. It was written all over his face,” Natasha said before adding that their potential relationship was already “over.”

Natasha Parker on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Source: Netflix

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fans had some strong reactions to Dr. Joe’s arrival, and to his date with Natasha.

The date between Natasha and Dr. Joe crashed and burn quite quickly considering how strong of a match the two seemed to be on paper. Fans, therefore, had plenty so say about it online.

A tweet that didn’t exactly age well as the episode progressed, but it reminds us of the hope we all had for Jatasha to work.

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Viewers could almost see the wheels turning in the medical professional’s brain when he was asked about Pieper and Brendan.

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Brendan saying that Natasha had zero options may be one of his most regrettable lines (but nothing is as cringey as when he referred to the group as “Joe [Amabile] and his mob of disgruntled females”).

It seems like a proverbial red flag did wave for Natasha, too.

Though Natasha and Joe are not going to be the next “it” couple in Paradise, there is still plenty of time for the two to find love with others on the beach.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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