Are They Asleep or Just Faking? TikTok’s FaceTime Challenge Reveals the Truth

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Principally, the FaceTime Problem is a prank you possibly can pull in your pal or important different the following time they go to sleep whilst you’re FaceTiming. As quickly as you see them drift off to dreamland, play the FaceTime “finish name” sound and see how they react (clearly, ensure that to have your telephone helpful to movie their response, too). 

If you happen to search the #facetimechallenge tag on TikTok, you possibly can see the various completely different reactions individuals have caught when taking part on this prank. In just about each case, one thing wonderful occurs: The sleeping particular person wakes up virtually immediately after listening to the telltale hang-up sound. 

Some individuals are clearly miffed that their associate or pal would cling up on them (even when they had been utterly asleep and mainly unresponsive). Others are merely stunned and bummed that the dialog is over (even when nobody had mentioned something for a couple of minutes). Nonetheless others make us ponder whether they had been really sleeping, or in the event that they had been simply pretending to sleep so as to finish the decision. Which brings us to a variation on the problem…

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