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Ari Behn, who accused Kevin Spacey for sexual misconduct, died on Christmas

Kevin Spacey accuser Ari Behn died

Kevin Spacey accuser author Ari Behn who was once married to a Norwegian princess has allegedly committed suicide. This happened after Kevin Spacey posted “Kill them with Kindness” video. Kevin Spacey has found himself at the center of many accusations against him for his behavior and one after the other, many accusers have found themselves dying under mysterious circumstances and Behn is third Kevin Spacey accuser in the list. It could be completely coincidental and Kevin Spacey is the luckiest man alive but it’s very interesting that these people seem to be disappearing.

A CNN report says that Behn’s family spokesperson, Håkonsund, put out the statement about the death of him. He said “It is with great sadness in our hearts that we, the very closest relatives of Ari Behn, must announce that he took his own life today. We ask for respect for our privacy in the time to come”

47-year-old Ari Behn was an author and wrote about three novels and some short stories and play. She was married to Norway’s Princess Martha Louise for almost 15 years and they ended their marriage in 2017. Behn told at a radio station, when the whole #metoo movement was going everywhere in the world, that he was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey in 2007 at a Nobel Peace Prize concert.

He said about Kevin Spacey accusation that after the event they had a great talk, Spacey sat right beside him. After a few minutes, Spacey asked Behn to go out and some cigarette and then former put his hands on Behn’s crotch. Behn, then, declined to accompany him.

As we said earlier, Behn is the third among many of Kevin Spacey accusers. This is kind of looking like a pattern. This all seems more than coincident. We aren’t saying Kevin Spacey is some kind of Zodiac Killer but these things are getting weird. First, a lady named Linda Culkin, 60, who accused Spacey of sexual assault, died in a car accident. In September, another person, who was a massage therapist, who claimed Spacey assaulted him while a message session in California in 2016, died in a mysterious way. His family has yet to release the details of his death. After his death, his prosecutor dropped the lawsuit against the “Oscar Winner” actor.

“House of Cards” actor released a video on YouTube wishing Christmas to the viewers with the title “Kill Them With Kindness (KTWK).” He made the video as his famous “Frank Underwood” role. He went on to say “The next time someone does something you don’t like, you can go on the attack. But you can also hold your fire and do the unexpected. You can kill them with kindness.” And, the next day Behn found dead at his home.

While family and friends of Ari Behn are grieving for his death and there no inclusion of Kevin Spacey in the suicide of Behn but, this all becomes creepy if we think as all the deaths of Kevin Spacey accuser are dying. In July, another 18-year old man, who accused Spacey of sexual harassment dropped charges. Was he afraid of dying?

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