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Arkadeep Mishra sa re ga ma pa

In the history of singing shows on Indian Television, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has been the most authentic and the foremost going on the show which has given numerous new talents to the country. Contestants who were once a common person on the show and fighting their way through the multiple rounds have now become well renowned and famous singers of the country. The evolution of the show and the talent of the people coming on the show, both reason has made it a unique show in itself.

Arkadeep Mishra sa re ga ma pa

The season of the year 2020 was a late start due to the reason of pandemic which was spread worldwide. The season’s grand finale was lined and after a much-awaited moment the winner of the show has been announced. Arkadeep Mishra has won the title of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020. The contestant was handed over the trophy by none other than the singing sensation of our country, Mr Shankar Mahadevan and the music maestro Sivmani.

Arkadeep Mishra Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Before the grand finale was aligned many videos of Arkadeep’s journey went viral from the show as well on the social media handles where he can be clearly seen to have no interest in music at all. Even Arkadeep in an interview said that he never had that much attraction to music at first. Moreover, he liked to play cricket with his friends to amuse himself. But after certain practice sessions and lessons, he gradually developed a taste for the most melodious passion.

In an interview just after Arkadeep was handed the trophy, he said that he never dreamt of winning the trophy of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020. He was having all mixed feelings and was literally not sure of it while he was standing on the stage right before the results were going to be announced. Once the results came in and he was crowned as the winner of the show, it was at that moment which he made that feeling sink in that he had finally achieved his goal and won the contest.

Arkadeep Mishra come from Naihati, West Bengal. His mother is a Sitar player and his dad is a theatre artist. The kind of environment in which he was born and brought up was really cultural and he was fed with all the righteous and religious teachings.” The journey of winning the title of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020 has not been easy at all and would like to thank all who supported me at my lowest”, Arkadeep said in his concluding speech.

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