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Army of the Dead: Where To Find Every Robot Zombie

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Army of the Dead includes glimpses at some robot zombies amid the heist of the movie – we break down where every robot zombie can be spotted.

WARNING: Spoilers for Army of the Dead

Where can Army of the Dead‘s robot zombies be spotted in the movie? Zack Snyder’s Las Vegas-based zombie heist movie has become a major hit for Netflix, bringing with it some wild and crazy new elements to zombie lore. The human mercenaries attempting a heist in the abandoned, zombie-filled city are not only faced with the Shambler zombies the world already knows well, but the stronger, more organized, and more intelligent breed known as Alphas. However, the movie’s zombie population doesn’t end there.

Not only are animal zombies a part of Army of the Dead, including the zombie tiger Valentine and the zombie horse of the Alpha zombie Zeus, but Las Vegas is now even occupied by a most unexpected addition in the form of robot zombies. Though Snyder spoke of the robot zombies in the lead-up to the movie’s release, they ended up being a much more under-the-radar presence in the film than many might have expected. Nonetheless, they can be seen at a few key moments in the film.

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The first comes during the death scene of the Alpha Queen’s body in their stronghold by a drained swimming pool. As Zeus mourns the loss of his Queen (though her severed head remains alive in the possession of Garrett Dillahunt’s Martin) and the zombie baby inside her, several of the Alphas around him can be seen with glowing blue eyes. Their mechanical and robotic components remain hidden beneath their flesh, but this is a clear signal that one of the undead is a robot zombie. They’re also glimpsed more overtly at a few other points in the movie.

Army of the Dead Robot Zombie

One such insistence is when Guzman shoots a zombie in the hallway in the casino’s basement, with the zombie in question being a robot zombie as the Alphas attack under the leadership of the vengeful Zeus. The most blatant appearance of a robot zombie comes when Scott, Lily, and Guzman battle a swarming Alpha horde on the casino floor during their attempt to escape before the impending nuclear strike on the city. Scott shoots one of the pursuing Alphas, which blasts off a large section of the zombie’s face from his head, revealing a metallic skull and a glowing blue eye underneath.

Though the robot zombies are a very subtle presence in Army of the Dead, they’re very likely to be explored in much greater depth as the franchise unfolds. The prequel movie Army of Thieves is on the way, focused on Matthias Schweighöfer’s safecracker Dieter with Schweighöfer also directing. However, the anime-style prequel series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is where they’ll probably really have a major presence.

Snyder has spoken of the involvement of both aliens and Area 51 in the creation of the zombies, and Lost Vegas seems set to go heavily into his origins. Naturally, robot zombies are the kind of undead who can’t be created by simple zombie bites, and Lost Vegas seems as likely a place as any for the robot zombies origin to be revealed. Though they were a minor presence in Army of the Dead, the movie is just the beginning for the unfolding Army of the Dead franchise, and viewers eager to see more of the robot zombies are sure to get a peek behind the curtain of how they came to be.

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