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Arwen Cosplays That Look Just Like The Movie

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The Lord of the Rings has many elaborate costumes so it’s no wonder fans enjoy cosplaying its characters. Here are some of the best Arwen cosplays.

The Lord of the Rings is such a popular fantasy series with so many elaborate costumes that it’s no wonder fans across the world enjoy cosplaying some of their favorite characters. While most of the main characters are men who tend to wear clothes made for battles or on the road, there are some female characters. These women wear some extremely gorgeous and detailed frocks.

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Of all the women from the franchise, Arwen is one of the most popular characters for cosplayers. She has a wide array of intricate outfits to choose from, so many fans enjoy recreating her looks for themselves.

9 Elvish Royalty

Coco is a cosplayer who dresses up as many popular characters including many Disney princesses including Aurora. However,  they are also known for dressing up as women from The Lord of the Rings.

Here the cosplayer is wearing Arwen’s navy and red dress that is a favorite with many fans. But, they also have many pictures on in costume as Galadriel and looking amazing.

8 The Evenstar

To help elevate cosplays, many fans stage beautiful and detailed photoshoots to show off their costumes and get into character. This fan makes their own costumes, and here dons an Arwen outfit that isn’t seen as often in cosplays.

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It’s a beautiful silver-blue color, and the backdrop of the snowy woods makes this dress really come to life.  The cosplayer really seems to embody the character here.

7 Not A Damsel In Distress

If you enjoy cosplayers who are able to show off many different skills in their craft and to take on many different characters, Melskie is someone you should follow. They have all kinds of characters they play including Wonder Woman. But, this picture of them as Arwen is especially great.

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While many of Arwen’s outfits are more decadent and royal, this one is her most practical form of the movie. This outfit is complete with Arwen’s very own curved sword, and the photo really captures her beauty and strength.

6 The Iconic Dress

However, the prettiest of them all might be this one. It’s a popular choice for cosplayers to emulate, and this side-by-side photo shows just how much like the movie cosplayer Ari looks like her.

5 A Bespoke Costume

This might be one of the most stunning cosplays of Arwen out there if you’re just looking at the craftsmanship. This outfit was made bespoke, and the artist even allows fans to see the process of creation in these detailed tweets.

Heidi’s final creation looks so much like the movie version but also has a unique spin. The forest photography helps pull everything together. The amount of work and love that has clearly gone into this cosplay is staggering and it is so incredible to see the final version when it is all pulled together and photo-ready.

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4 A Bittersweet Fairytale

While many cosplayers who get into character as Arwen like to do so on their own, others enjoy working together with other cosplayers to act out multiple characters, and it’s somewhat common to see people as Arwen and Aragorn.

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While there are many great couple cosplays of Arwen and Aragorn, this example might be one of the best. Both costumes are detailed and each fan brings the essence of the love between these two characters.

3 “Then it is a good dream”

This cosplay is absolutely dreamy. From the frock to the posing to the filter on the photo, it brings that dreamy aesthetic to the forefront. This outfit is another that isn’t done as often by cosplayers, but it’s a stunning gown.

The light purple of the dress contrasts against the deep greens of the first. And, if you don’t recognize this costume, it’s the one Arwen wears in the dream sequence with Aragorn in The Two Towers.

2 A Queen

Arwen is royalty in many ways. Not only is she the daughter of Elrond, a high elf, and Lady Arwen of Rivendell, but she also becomes Queen of the entire kingdom of men after she marries Aragorn.

This costume shows the coronation dress including the intricate, elvish headdress that she wears in that scene.

1 “If you want him…come and claim him!”

This intense cosplay is another great recreation of the outfit Arwen wears while rescuing Frodo and fleeing the Nazgul on horseback, one of her best scenes in the franchise. It’s an action-filled picture that shows the strength Arwen has as an elven warrior as well as her grace.

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This cosplayer is also doing a great job of showing off a serious but beautiful facial expression that really reflect Arwen’s personality.

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