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Australian regulator ‘concerned’ about Facebook’s approach to media law

The controlling bodies of Australia are enforcing a law that might be an issue for the internet giants. These laws force the internet platforms like Facebook and Google to discuss licensing contracts with media outlets.

Under the News Media Bargain Code, these internet giants must deal with media for the news that helps them by sending the crowd.

If they don’t do it, the Australian government’s media law will be forced to deal with these corporations.

Although Google has already taken steps regarding the issue and is already contacting the media people and negotiating a deal with them, there hasn’t been agreed to by Facebook regarding the same issue, even after seven months of the passing of the law.

Due to it, the lawmakers are concerned for Facebook as they have contacted the major media firms be it government or private, it has left out the smaller media firms. These firms stated that Facebook has chosen not to deal with them and leave them out purposely. On the other hand, Facebook said that it had paid one of the companies for their material on the Facebook news channel.

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They also say that it is one of the ways they show their support to them. Moreover, they would be ready to negotiate and agree if the terms mentioned in the Australian Government’s Media Law are right. If the government finds them at fault, they will interfere. According to The Conversation and foreign language newscaster, SBS didn’t even get an opportunity to discuss the terms with Facebook. They haven’t done anything wrong so far.

According to the law, it gives the government the power to mediate if these platforms fail. The government will review the law next year to investigate whether it has performed properly. They also check if it needs an amendment. They will also examine if it is being used by both parties. Furthermore,  they ensure that all platforms fulfill the conditions they should have.

It will be amended if a loophole is discovered. Also, strict action will be taken against the parties if they don’t comply with it.

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