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Battlefield 6 Screenshots Allegedly Leaked Online

Battlefield 6 Images Leak Online

New images from what appears to be the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer have leaked online, showing a rocket launch, a robot dog, and more.

Images rumored to have been pulled from the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer have leaked online, showing off some potentially informative shots of the new game. The handful of images appear to line up with what has been heavily rumored for the trailer, ranging from a rocket launch to a near-future setting for the entirety of Battlefield 6.

Previous rumors indicated that Battlefield 6 would’ve had a May reveal, but this event failed to materialize. EA has since officially confirmed that the game will be revealed in June, and it’ll likely get even further details at EA Play in July. There’s no word on what the reveal will entail, but these new leaked images may indicate the direction the game is going in.

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A handful of new images leaked online, showing what appears to be a cinematic trailer for Battlefield 6. Although they’re low-res, the images leaked via Tom Henderson’s Discord server and were cleaned up by Twitter user Alaricdhuman. Henderson is a prominent leaker and he has suggested that the images are indeed authentic. The pictures, if legitimate, confirm the near-future setting with Boston Dynamics-esque robot dogs and a rocket launch. A previous Battlefield 6 leak showed a tornado circling a rocket launch pad, implying a chaotic level of destruction for this new entry in the franchise. Whether or not this is a scripted sequence as part of the campaign, or is something players will experience in the multiplayer, remains to be seen.

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Battlefield 6 is expected to launch this holiday season and will be on both current and last-gen consoles. EA has yet to detail what the difference will be between the various versions besides visuals, but previous rumors indicated that there would be 128-players in multiplayer, with high levels of terrain destructibility. Given that the Xbox One and PS4 are almost ten years old, it’s hard to imagine them handling that level of gameplay, but EA promises that both current and last-gen versions will be high quality.

It’s likely that more leaks will happen prior to the reveal, as Battlefield 6‘s trailer audio leaked not too long ago. Whether or not the entire trailer will somehow manage to squeak out remains to be seen, but the community is hungry for new information. Since it has been almost a decade since the release of a modern Battlefield game, and Battlefield 5 failed to impress many fans, there’s a lot of pressure on EA’s shoulders to get this one right. So far, everything EA and DICE have said seem to indicate a lot of optimism and excitement for the franchise, but fans have been burnt before.

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Source: Tom Henderson, Alaricdhuman

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