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Battlefield 6 Targeting Holiday Release According To Earnings Call

Battlefield 6 Holiday Release

According to EA’s most recent earnings call, Battlefield 6 has a targeted release date sometime between October and December of this year.

An intended launch time for the currently untitled Battlefield 6 was revealed during Electronic Arts’ most recent earnings call. This upcoming installment will be the first on the modern console generation, as well as the latest entry after 2018’s Battlefield 5.

Rumors have been circulating for a while now about what the next Battlefield game might entail, and earlier this year it was speculated that May would be when some of those details would come to light. That now appears to be the case after the property’s official Twitter account recently confirmed Battlefield 6 would be announced at some point in June. Besides that, other details have emerged, such as a leak of the reveal trailer’s audio, console availably, and an anticipated release window for the series’ next installment.

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IGN reported on EA’s most recent earnings call, during which it was revealed that the game developer is eyeing a launch date for Battlefield 6 between the months of October and December of 2021. That is EA’s third fiscal quarter, and NHL 22 is the other title the developer is looking to launch during that time. Four separate studios are reportedly contributing to Battlefield 6, which will be available for PC as well as both current and previous-gen consoles. EA provided a slide presentation during the earnings call that showcased this information.

Battlefield 6 Reveal Event May 6 Leak Rumor

A holiday release makes a lot of financial sense for a highly anticipated title like Battlefield 6, especially when it seems like EA has no other major plans during that period. Now more gamers have access to the current-gen consoles compared to last holiday season, when the infamous console shortages were at their worst. This will be the first true holiday season for developers to capitalize on the new hardware, and it seems that EA is giving the majority of that responsibility to Battlefield 6.

When it comes to massively popular first-person shooter titles, Call of Duty by many standards is far and away the most popular. Of the few major contenders to that crown, however, Battlefield is arguably the biggest, as it shares many similar qualities. As of now both franchises have yet to officially announce their next installment, but given Call of Duty‘s tendency to release a AAA title every year there is a good chance that a showdown is coming this holiday season. Battlefield 6 will understandably have an uphill battle if that is the case, but hopefully the four studios working on it will make the title a strong contender with whatever comes next for Call of Duty.

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Source: IGN, EA

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