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Battlefield 6 Trailer Leaks So Bad Reveal Will Probably Use a New One

Battlefield 6 Reveal Event May 6 Leak Rumor

A Battlefield 6 trailer leaked online, confirming many of the other leaks, but it likely won’t be the trailer that EA officially releases in June.

The Battlefield 6 reveal trailer has leaked and it seems as though many of the noteworthy leaks and rumors are true. However, reputable sources say this may not be the trailer that fans actually get to see for DICE’s highly anticipated shooter. That said, the trailer does confirm the near-future settings and many other tidbits that have been popping up since earlier this year.

The Battlefield 6 reveal was heavily rumored for May after much anticipation from fans, but EA confirmed it wouldn’t happen until June. EA has been hyping the game up for the last several months with cryptic teases and lots of internal enthusiasm. Following the disappointment of Battlefield V, the publisher is really riding on this game being a major success. The overall hype for the game has been building for the last few years as fans yearned for a return to the modern-day, whether or not it actually manages to live up to the hype remains to be seen, but so far, it looks like a bold new step for Battlefield.

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Recently, Battlefield 6 screenshots leaked showcasing tornadoes and the futuristic setting. The leaked reveal trailer (via IdleSloth) confirms the authenticity of these leaks and made it abundantly clear that this is going to be the biggest Battlefield to date and possibly one of the biggest shooters ever made in terms of scale. It’s heavily rumored the game will feature 128-players and all-new levels of destruction and chaos, but fans will have to wait until EA Play in June to get a better understanding of what that looks like. Leaker Tom Henderson also suggested that this may not be the trailer fans see in June.

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It’s possible that this was a proof of concept trailer or used to show to investors and a gameplay trailer is being prepared to more accurately convey what Battlefield 6 is. The scope of Battlefield 6 looks to be quite massive and will likely make full use of both current-gen and last-gen hardware when it launches later this year. Whether or not both generations will support the rumored 128-player count remains to be seen.

Battlefield 6 is expected to have an alpha sometime in the near future, meaning fans won’t have to wait long to actually get some hands-on time with the game. As of right now, it seems like EA has really put its all into ensuring DICE has what it needs to really make the game be the best of the franchise and possibly, stand tall above this year’s Call of DutyBattlefield 6 is also heavily rumored to have a battle royale mode, which should give it even more of a fighting chance against other 2021 releases.

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Source: Tom Henderson/Twitter, IdleSloth/Twitter

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