Beast of Prey event brings Gun Game and highly-anticipated Heirloom into Apex Legends

Beast of Prey event brings Gun Game and highly-anticipated Heirloom into Apex Legends

Apex Legends is always changing with new patches, updates, and events coming to the game. And now, players are in for an exciting one with the new Beast of Prey event. Players will have a new collection of cosmetics to pursue, as well as one of the game’s most-requested modes finally entering Apex as a limited-time mode: Gun Run.

A riff on the Gun Game mode made popular in other FPS titles, Gun Run will be a four-team battle where teams look to get kills with different weapons, their weapons changing each time they get a kill. There are 25 weapons players will need to get a kill with to win the mode, including using a throwing knife to earn the last kill of the match and end the game.

As an incredibly popular mode in other titles, many players are excited to finally see a version of Gun Game make its way to Apex. The mobile version of the game already had its own Gun Game and previous leaks from Twitch Rivals indicated it would be added to the game soon.

Also on the way is a new Heirloom that players can unlock: Loba’s Garra de Alanza, a vicious-looking fan. The fan will come with its own set of custom animations as all Heirlooms do, and the trailer shows off Loba caressing an old Revenant head with the fan before cutting it completely in two. Loba mains will finally get their Heirloom after being passed over by multiple legends that were released after her, including Rampart and Valkyrie.

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As is customary, there’s also a free prize track for players who don’t want to drop any money on the cosmetics available during the event. There’s a Vantage skin, multiple weapon skins, and several legend trackers on offer, so logging in every day and completing some event challenges will help players easily unlock some new stuff. Finally, there are a few adjustments to Arenas, the mounted version of Rampart’s ultimate, and various bug fixes for players when they download the new update.

The Beasts of Prey event will go live on Sept. 20 and will run for two weeks, ending on Oct. 4.

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