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Before Donald Trump’s Arrival, Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium’s Entrance Fell

Donald Trump Ahmedabad

It’s been a month we have been waiting for the #NamasteTrump event, which will start today in Ahmedabad at the grand opening of the world’s largest Motera Stadium.

But before the event start and a day before US President Donald Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad, the temporary made VVIP entrance gate constructed outside the cricket stadium collapsed on Sunday.

According to the location TV news channel, the collapsed entrance gate was made of steel rods and covered with flex banners. The gate was specially made for the Namaste Trump event, so it was temporary. While the news about the buckled gate going on air, another second temporary door at the main entrance of the Motera stadium also fall down since the wind became strong.

When we asked about any injury and re-install of these doors, the Crime Police Special Commissioner of Police Ajar Tomar said that the VVIP entrance fell down while the work was going on and no one injured because of it. Talking about the current situation, both doors are not re-installed again.

The event starts on 24 February morning with the arrival of US President Donald Trump, where more than one million people will join Trump and PM Modi in the world’s largest stadium. The reconstruction of the Motera stadium is reviewed by Home Minister Amit Shah. Many popular Indian artists will join the event as the start with Sufu composer Kailash Kher and many other artists.

US  President Trump will arrive at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Internation Airport at noon, where Prime Minister Modi will welcome him, and then both will walk around 22 km to participate in India Roadshow. There will be major security alerted during the event as 11 thousand security personnel have been arranged under the leadership of 25 senior IPS officers. There are also 15 bomb disposal squads deployed. There is also a security system activated to prevent drone attacks.

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Well, there was news that Trump will visit Sabarmati Ashram, but no official confirmation from the team. To make the event worry-free from traffic, there is also extensive alternation of the traffic route in the city.

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